April 25, 2018

Domestic Travel on a Dime

Domestic Travel

According to a recent data study by American Express Travel, domestic excursions are on the rise. Of the 54 percent of Americans who are planning to travel in 2012, more than eight in ten of them plan to dish out more dollars on travel this year than they previously spent in 2011. And more than [...]

How to Pack for Special Events

special occasion packing

Sporting competitions, weddings and other special-event trips can be challenging to pack for, particularly when items like designer gowns, tuxedos, mountain bikes and kayaks need to come along. The right packing strategies can save you money on everything from shipping to checked baggage and more. Here are my top tips for precision packing. Rent: If [...]

Making the Most of Your Destinationís Convention and Visitorís Bureau


My husband and I made the changing of the guard one of our top things to do in Quito, Ecuador. Afterward, when trying to decide what to do next, we found our guide book lacking in ideas. A stop at the South American cityís convention and visitorís bureau solved the problem. They provided more detailed [...]

7 Savvy Ways to Reduce Your Accommodation Costs While Traveling

Accommodation Overhead

Letís face it. One of the most expensive line items in any vacation budget Ė after air fare Ė is nightly accommodation. Finding easy and trusted ways to reduce costs in this area is literally the ticket to being able to afford long term travel. Here are seven of my personal favorites. Home Exchanges Got [...]

Ten Universal Travel Skills


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); While travel skills in general are likely too numerous to list efficiently, these ten are the ones†Trek Hound†consider to be universally helpful. What are they?