September 22, 2019

Have a Fabulously-Frugal Vacation with These Hotel Freebies

Hotel Freebies

When trying to get the best bang for your vacation buck, it may pay to bear in mind that the biggest value may not come with the lowest bargain-basement price. If the lowest room rate available will still require you to dish out an additional $350 per day to cover meals, cocktails, activity fees and [...]

Stress-Busting Travel Tips

businessman lost in field using a map

After riding the ferry from Aqaba, Jordan to Nuweiba, Egypt, baggage claim proved stressful. Sifting through bags with fellow travelers on the back of a flatbed truck resulted in a bruised, dust-covered bottom when an enthusiastic tug sent me, quite literally, over the edge. Upon clearing customs and finding the closest beverage merchant, I purchased [...]