August 18, 2019

Great Travel Gear for Girls


  Women who spend a great deal of time on the road will be the first to tell you that logistical and scheduling stressors can be greatly reduced by having access to items which are designed to go the distance on the road. Whether you are getting ready for a trip of your own, shopping [...]

Cold Weather Travel Essentials

Ski Break by Myscha Theriault rszd

Winter weather has a way of waging war against the light-packing efforts of even the most seasoned traveler. The extra bulk that comes with sweaters, scarves, earmuffs and mittens can make carry-on containment nearly impossible. By wearing as much as possible on flight days and including a few efficiently-packed essentials, you can do your part [...]

Smart Fabric Choices Aid Frugal, One-Bag Travel Efforts


The type of fabric you choose to vacation with can greatly impact how little you are able to fly with, and how well your wardrobe functions once you get where you’re going. Since packing light has become a priority for nearly all travelers these days, every tip helps. Here are a few things to consider [...]

12 Things to Look for When Shopping for Travel Clothing

Otavalo sweaters

I know we all like to think about the warm and fuzzy aspects of traveling, like the great sights we’ll get to see or the awesome business deals we’ll close. But the brutal truth is that your choice in travel clothing can have a huge impact on the quality of any trip. To a certain [...]

Top Tips for Keeping Your Business Trip on Budget

business trip

A business trip can be as expensive as it is productive. Read on for tips on how you can control the costs while building your net worth and increasing your bottom line. Make paperwork a priority. Lost opportunities for reimbursement can derail a business trip taken in order to increase commission earnings. The costs you [...]

How to Combine Business with Pleasure and Still Pack Light

Packing for biz and pleasure

Mixing museum tours with mountain trails, and beach time with business gatherings takes planning, especially when you’re traveling independently. While heading out for an extreme sporting vacation with no checked luggage might not be achievable, it is possible to travel with less luggage while working from the road on a soft adventure getaway.  Here are [...]

Look Sharp on the Road with These Fun Winter Hats

cosmopolitan hat

The folks at Tilley have included several fun and functional travel hats in this year’s winter line. In this article, I’ll take a look at three of them. This Canadian travel gear company has been making road warrior products for some time now, and all three of the hats I’m reviewing in this piece feature [...]

5 Cheap Ways to Glam It up on the Road

travel glam

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Let’s face it, ladies. When we’re backpacking for adventure, some of the first things to get cut when we’re trying to pack light are those little girly bits that make us feel like . . . well, girls. Fortunately, it is possible to glam things up affordably, even when traveling [...]

Product Review: Eagle Creek’s Double-Sided Packing Cube


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); On a recent trip to South America, we needed something that would allow my husband and I to implement cross-packing with ease.