August 23, 2019

Implement Extreme Packing Measures to Save on Baggage Fees

extreme packing

With budget airlines beginning to charge for carry-on bags, the need to pack light has reached critical mass. Factor in technical gear such as laptops, camera lenses and power packs, and it becomes obvious that more extreme packing strategies are in order.  A three-pronged approach generally serves me well. Clothing: Items that store flat and [...]

One-Bag Travel Tips for Road Warriors


With excess baggage fees spiraling out of control, learning how to pack light is becoming a serious survival skill for perpetual road warriors. Here are several one-bag travel tips to help you keep costs under control. Use them for short excursions, international vacations, train travel and road trips when you want to reduce luggage weight [...]

How to Travel with Less Luggage


Between security hurdles and checked baggage fees, limiting luggage has become less of an extreme travel choice and more of a survival strategy. After living for six months out of one small backpack, I learned a thing or two about traveling light. Here are my top tips for traveling with less luggage. Storage: Choose luggage [...]