August 22, 2019

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley Takes Wine Tourism to a New Level

Okanagan 3

A hidden gem of the British Columbia tourism experience lies in a picturesque wonderland known as the Okanagan Valley. A myriad of boutique wineries and charming bed and breakfast establishments, combined with a noteworthy culinary scene make this a travel destination to take seriously. Here are just some of the ways this Canadian travel pearl [...]

Mountains and Forests to Replenish Your Spirit

Muir Woods Monument

    Muir Woods Monument These two natural havens will replenish your spirit and relax your mind.  Kleine Scheidegg is a spot where nature reigns, where you’ll  find yourself wanting to walk, hike and just breath in the views of the Swiss Alps. My visit to Kleine Scheidegg was a stop over on my way to Jungfraujoch. Visitors can stay in this tiny mountain [...]