July 24, 2019

My Favorite Places to Snowshoe


Here’s the rub. The best thing about showshoeing is that, as long as there’s snow, you can shoe there.  That being said, I do have some favorite spots. I put on my winter gear, grab my shoes and poles, and here’s where I go. The first spot, and the most used by me, is out [...]

Maine State Parks: Cheap Day Trip Options


Maine has a lot of outdoors for vacationers to enjoy.  Parks abound.  There is one National Park (Acadia), a piece of the White Mountain National Forest, and 31 or so parks managed by the Maine Bureau of Parks that charge fees. The Appalachian trail passes through or near several of these. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || [...]

Maine Wildlife Park


There is no one who comes to visit Maine for a week, a weekend or a summer that doesn’t aspire to see, at least, a moose.  The  intrepid wildlife seeker can find an alternative to driving the highways and byways in the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine. Open from April to Veteran’s Day, the [...]