August 18, 2019

Thrifty Ways to Travel Green

Eco Travel

Ecologically-minded travelers hoping to keep it green on the road are often concerned about a potentially out-of-control price tag. Fortunately, it’s getting more affordable than ever to maintain your environmental priorities while on vacation. Here are a few of my favorite frugal tips. Food: Breakfast is one of the most affordable meals to enjoy while [...]

Domestic Travel on a Dime

Domestic Travel

According to a recent data study by American Express Travel, domestic excursions are on the rise. Of the 54 percent of Americans who are planning to travel in 2012, more than eight in ten of them plan to dish out more dollars on travel this year than they previously spent in 2011. And more than [...]

Have a Fabulously-Frugal Vacation with These Hotel Freebies

Hotel Freebies

When trying to get the best bang for your vacation buck, it may pay to bear in mind that the biggest value may not come with the lowest bargain-basement price. If the lowest room rate available will still require you to dish out an additional $350 per day to cover meals, cocktails, activity fees and [...]

Money-Saving Spring Break Ideas


College students and parents of school children alike must annually consider which spring break ideas they’d like to take advantage of. Needless to say that with both categories of vacation planners, budget is an issue. Here are my top picks for money-saving spring break ideas. Pitch a tent. If you’re looking to visit someplace warm, [...]

7 Savvy Ways to Reduce Your Accommodation Costs While Traveling

Accommodation Overhead

Let’s face it. One of the most expensive line items in any vacation budget – after air fare – is nightly accommodation. Finding easy and trusted ways to reduce costs in this area is literally the ticket to being able to afford long term travel. Here are seven of my personal favorites. Home Exchanges Got [...]

Budget Traveler Bikes to Africa


Loretta Henderson, founder of the Skalatitude travel blog, has been biking to Africa to raise money and awareness of the need for bicycle ambulances – bikes attached to towable stretcher carts – to help combat infant mortality in rural Africa. After traveling through 16 countries, she’s learned the perks and quirks of bicycle touring, along [...]