November 26, 2014

Chestnut Horse on Trail


medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This gorgeous horse awaits a trail ride with his owner in Virginiaís Shenandoah National Park. Horseback riding is one of the many activities you can choose for enjoying this park thatís within a dayís drive for many on Americaís eastern coast.

Explore RV Travel for Less

1970_VW_Camper RSZD

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; While many dream of hitting the open road with their family in a bus-sized recreational vehicle, the thought of the gas bill and loan payments as high as a traditional mortgage can dampen the enthusiasm of actually giving it a go. If youíre willing to think outside the box with regards [...]

Sarasota Offers Circus Heritage, Canine Support and More for Families

Sarasota Offers Circus Heritage Pic

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; Beach time and bay kayaking arenít the only things to do when visiting Sarasota, Florida. The city is also known for its circus heritage, shopping and support infrastructure for families traveling with children, grandparents and even pets. Here are a handful of activities to include on your tourist itinerary the next [...]

Step Back in Time with a Trip to Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island 3

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; Free of automobiles and reachable by Sheplerís Ferry for a mere $22 per round-trip ticket, Michiganís Mackinac Island is the epitome of time travel on a budget. Horse-drawn carriage taxis and delivery carts, picture-perfect period buildings and bicycle liveries abound, making for a coupleís or multigenerational family getaway you wonít soon [...]

Family-Friendly Adventure Travel a Hit with Kids

adventure travel for families

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; Itís no secret that children love adventure. Including activities with wow factor on your next family getaway is a sure bet against boredom. Here are a handful of tips for doing just that. Flexibility: Mike and Catrell Cooney of Cooney World Adventure took their three teenage boys on a world tour.† [...]

Top Tips for Flying with Children

flying with children pic

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; When it comes to family vacations, flying with children is likely one of the largest logistical dragons youíll slay. From toddler tantrums and teen boredom to infant ear pain and stroller storage the list of potential issues is long indeed. I talked to some of my favorite family travel gurus for [...]

Making the Most of Family Vacations

family travel

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; After handling the logistical hurdles of flying with children, perfecting your family packing system and searching out the best bargains available, the main objective is to start having fun once you get where youíre going. From transportation to activity access, these tips represent some of my favorite ways to maximize family [...]

Making the Most of Theme Parks Requires More than Energy

Theme Park Train

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; Getting up at the crack of dawn and standing in line after line to access fried foods, photo ops and amusement rides might seem like a good idea for your first theme park visit. Try it for a day with screaming toddlers however, and you may find you feel differently. From [...]

Photo Feature: Family Travel


medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Traveling as a family can be an intimidating pile of logistics.† What type of trip do we take? Do we make it an educational trip? Maybe one for science geeks?† Or maybe we should make our destination a one-stop shop. A family resort of some type. [...]

Photo Feature: Family on Bicycle Tour

THPF 11 Transportation 0032 from Art Explosion

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; This image of a family taking a bicycle tour is a perfect example of how active travel can be incorporated into family vacations. Biking trips can be enjoyed around the world, including South America, Asia, the United States and even Scotland. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Making the Most of Family Resorts

St Kitts Resort

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; Itís a common scene for those traveling with children. Parents trying to tempt their kids away from the perfectly-picturesque pool at their chosen family resort with tickets to an over-priced theme park just down the street. A theme park that may offer only slightly more in the way of water-based fun. [...]

Top Tips for Traveling with Children

traveling with kids

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; From pre-teen power meltdowns to hungry toddlers, being on the road with children requires additional planning and flexibility. Throw in a food allergy or two, and having your parental ducks in a row becomes critical. I asked three road warrior moms for their top family travel tips. They had plenty of [...]

Affordable Ideas for Family Reunions

Young father poses with children in tent

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; While summer is the favored season for family reunions, they can be held successfully at any time of year. While people have always searched for strategies to keep them affordable, current gas prices are making frugality an even greater family travel priority. Follow these money-saving tips to maintain tradition while enjoying [...]

How to Score Vacation Food at Affordable Prices

vacation food

medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ’250′; medianet_crid=’270296581′; I usually manage to eat well for less wherever I go. While this is definitely easier at some destinations than others, a few standard strategies typically serve me well. Hit the Streets: The old souk in Kuwait City is one of my favorite places in the Middle East to score great [...]