September 22, 2019

Dog-Friendly Destinations an Option for Budget Travelers

Dog Destinations 1

Pet parents of furry canines often struggle when trying to affordably include Rover in the family vacation. While you can be willing to make all the accommodations in the world to meet the needs of your four-legged child, your efforts to travel with your dogs will be thwarted if the destination itself hasn’t embraced the [...]

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley Takes Wine Tourism to a New Level

Okanagan 3

A hidden gem of the British Columbia tourism experience lies in a picturesque wonderland known as the Okanagan Valley. A myriad of boutique wineries and charming bed and breakfast establishments, combined with a noteworthy culinary scene make this a travel destination to take seriously. Here are just some of the ways this Canadian travel pearl [...]

Traveling with Dogs Takes Patience, Preparation

Young father poses with children in tent

On a multi-state drive with our mischief-prone Labrador, I shuffled back to our vehicle with two fresh cups of gourmet coffee. While my husband filled the gas tank, I opened the passenger door to set down my travel bag and organize our beverages. Having missed the perky poodle in the next vehicle, I was completely [...]

Fido-Friendly Getaways for Winter

Winter Pet Getaways

With the holidays over, vacationers are looking for active getaways to burn off those extra pounds. For those who want to bring their furry family members along, options do exist. Here are a handful of Fido-friendly ways to enjoy a winter getaway with the entire family. Cross-Country Skiing: While following you on a downhill run [...]