August 23, 2019

Winning Strategies for a Working Couple’s Getaway


With free time for North American residents at a premium, and the increasing number of people juggling side businesses and freelance gigs, working vacations are becoming a common occurrence. Before you and your significant other pack your bags and take off for parts unknown, there are a few things you may want to negotiate ahead [...]

Edmonton: Alberta’s Nature Gateway Boasts Surprisingly Hip Culture and Entertainment Scene

Edmonton Old Strathcona Pic

Whether you’re traveling to Edmonton on a business trip or taking advantage of its nature gateway status to access such attractions as Jasper National Park or the Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, you’ll find the city has much more to offer than overnight accommodations and Ikea browsing. Art: The Art Gallery of Alberta houses works from [...]

Maintaining a Business Wardrobe on the Road

business wardrobe

On a business trip to Miami, a pair of sleek boots became a multitasking fashion tool. The boots were worn with jeans, dress pants, a knee-length dress and a long skirt, taking functional footwear to the next level. On that same trip, a faulty hotel iron and rumpled blouse — a clearance special — taught [...]

Work-Juggling Tips for Road Warriors

working from road

Meeting deadlines during a month-long trip to Quito, Ecuador was supposed to be a breeze.  But a local energy-saving strategy of scheduled power outages caught my husband and I by surprise and short-circuited our workday.  Unplugged, we relied on extended-use laptop batteries, advanced planning and a restructured mix of work and sightseeing to handle professional [...]

12 Things to Look for When Shopping for Travel Clothing

Otavalo sweaters

I know we all like to think about the warm and fuzzy aspects of traveling, like the great sights we’ll get to see or the awesome business deals we’ll close. But the brutal truth is that your choice in travel clothing can have a huge impact on the quality of any trip. To a certain [...]

Photo feature: Man with a Briefcase


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Ah, the life of the businessperson. Travel is inevitable, in some form or another. Keeping the business trip on budget is always a concern and never as cut and dried as one would thing. Even trade shows and conferences with rooms and meals included can offer budgetary challenges. The savvy [...]

5 Surprising Pieces of Travel Gear

Bandanas rszd2

Rolling luggage and hanging toiletry bags are fairly predictable purchases for frequent travelers, but these five items make my personal short list of must-have gear. What they are just might surprise you. S Hooks: When you travel light, it usually means you end up carrying most of your belongings near or on your person. A [...]

Top Tips for Keeping Your Business Trip on Budget

business trip

A business trip can be as expensive as it is productive. Read on for tips on how you can control the costs while building your net worth and increasing your bottom line. Make paperwork a priority. Lost opportunities for reimbursement can derail a business trip taken in order to increase commission earnings. The costs you [...]

Business Travel Tips for Trade Shows and Conferences

Trade Show Travel

Trade show travel and industry conferences may be your ticket to networking success, but the behind-the-scenes logistics can mean large expenses and tons of travel stress. Here’s how to come out on top. Planning: Early booking can score savings on everything from airline tickets and ground transportation to hotel accommodation expenses. According to human resources [...]

How to Combine Business with Pleasure and Still Pack Light

Packing for biz and pleasure

Mixing museum tours with mountain trails, and beach time with business gatherings takes planning, especially when you’re traveling independently. While heading out for an extreme sporting vacation with no checked luggage might not be achievable, it is possible to travel with less luggage while working from the road on a soft adventure getaway.  Here are [...]

Perfecting the Paper Chase: Keeping It All Together on the Road

expense report

Anyone who has to function professionally from the road knows what I’m talking about. The flurry of paper that comes with such a task still needs to be dealt with, even when your extremely limited storage space is literally bursting at the seams. Here are some strategies road warriors can use for perfecting the paper [...]

One-Bag Travel Tips for Road Warriors


With excess baggage fees spiraling out of control, learning how to pack light is becoming a serious survival skill for perpetual road warriors. Here are several one-bag travel tips to help you keep costs under control. Use them for short excursions, international vacations, train travel and road trips when you want to reduce luggage weight [...]

25 Resources for Building a Better Expense Report

expense report

Ah, the dreaded expense report. You have the best intentions with every business trip. You really do. But then reality sets in. Missed flight delays, grabbing a cab in a developing nation where receipts are only a suggestion, solving an unexpected client crisis during the only available receipt scanning time you’ve had all week . [...]

Ramen Recipes for the Budget Traveler

ramen for travel

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If you’re trying to stay on the road for a long time, learning how to make nutritious cheap food is going to be critical to your extended travel budget. This means you’re going to have to develop a list of ramen recipes you trust.