August 18, 2019

Craft Stores Offer Creative Solutions to Travel Needs


  On a recent trip to a well-known craft store, I noticed a selection of colorful wall chargers and mini USB cords available for $5. While they were obviously positioned for impulse purchasing, the display did make me stop and think. What other fun and frugal travel finds were available at craft stores? I bumped [...]

Explore RV Travel for Less

1970_VW_Camper RSZD

While many dream of hitting the open road with their family in a bus-sized recreational vehicle, the thought of the gas bill and loan payments as high as a traditional mortgage can dampen the enthusiasm of actually giving it a go. If you’re willing to think outside the box with regards to vehicle size and [...]

Simple Tips for Saving on Summer Vacations

summer vacation

Afraid that recent price increases in critical budget areas will cramp your warm-weather travel style? Relax. With these simple saving strategies, your summer fun is in the bag. Weekends: If taking a few weeks off isn’t in your work schedule, cheer up. Chances are you can have a wider range of travel opportunities by taking [...]

How to Make Long-Term Travel Affordable


When I asked professional hobo Nora Dunn how she’s stayed on the road since 2006, she revealed her biggest golden egg: Bartering. By exchanging light work for lodging, she eliminates a large portion of her expenses. On an all-expense paid trip to Spain, which included three-course meals and wine, Dunn exchanged English conversation sessions with [...]

5 Savvy Ways to Soak up Local Culture

Local Culture

Hitting the highlights and attractions is all well and good, but for those who want an actual sense of the place they’re visiting it pays to take the time to pick up the local vibe. Here are five fab ways to soak up local culture. Festivals: We love seeing the sights in Venice for free [...]

Making the Most of Family Resorts

St Kitts Resort

It’s a common scene for those traveling with children. Parents trying to tempt their kids away from the perfectly-picturesque pool at their chosen family resort with tickets to an over-priced theme park just down the street. A theme park that may offer only slightly more in the way of water-based fun. Toss in a toddler [...]

Are You a Road Warrior on a Money App Quest? Check out These Four Free Finds

Money apps

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); With all of the time most people spend on the road these days, having a great money app or two in your smart phone repertoire is practically considered personal finance 101. New to the mobile banking and shopping playing field? Check out these four free resources and see if there’s [...]