August 20, 2019

Journey Woman Evelyn Hannon Shows Seniors How Budget Travel is Done

JourneyWoman founder Evelyn Hannon has been traveling solo for 30 years, and has learned a thing or two about senior travel. Seventy-two years young, she tackles travel adventures many would hesitate to embrace. In three decades, Hannon has weathered a three-month Semester at Sea voyage with 750 students, performed as a film extra in Hong [...]

Budget Travelerís Guide to Hotel Room Meals

Trump International Beach Resort

We left the hotel room with plans for an affordable romantic dinner for two. Unfortunately, our spastic, but lovable Labrador had another agenda. When affection, toys and treats failed to stop her barking, we knew it was time to regroup. Our solution? Even more affordable in-room dining. But pet travel isnít the only reason hotel [...]

Making the Most of Your Destinationís Convention and Visitorís Bureau


My husband and I made the changing of the guard one of our top things to do in Quito, Ecuador. Afterward, when trying to decide what to do next, we found our guide book lacking in ideas. A stop at the South American cityís convention and visitorís bureau solved the problem. They provided more detailed [...]

Money-Saving Spring Break Ideas


College students and parents of school children alike must annually consider which spring break ideas theyíd like to take advantage of. Needless to say that with both categories of vacation planners, budget is an issue. Here are my top picks for money-saving spring break ideas. Pitch a tent. If youíre looking to visit someplace warm, [...]

Fun Picnic Lunch Ideas for Travelers

picnic lunch ideas

We all know that developing a list of fun picnic lunch ideas is the key to using this travel food strategy to save money on the road. The problem is it can be difficult to come up with a list of picnic or tailgating menus that will be suitable for any given situation. Varying grocery [...]

Cape Town on Budget: A Guest Post by M.E. Reidy

Capte Town 3

There are endless reasons why Cape Town appears on lists as Africaís most popular tourist destination. Cape Townís landscape, from beaches to mountains, its history, and its cultural vibe make it an unforgettable trip.† However, donít let its looks overwhelm you or your wallet.† Working with a budget of $100, one can still have a [...]

Surprising Sources for Scoring Affordable Travel Supplies

travel gear

I obtain travel supplies for as little as 20 cents per item for the basics, and at significant discounts for more substantial items. Here are some of my favorite sources for scoring affordable travel supplies. Special Ops Catalogs I covered this somewhat in my travel bag solutions post for Wise Bread a while back. People [...]

Restaurant Review – Charleston’s


I had never heard of this restaurant ’til a recent visit to Phoenix.† I had been hearing from a friend about an amazing salmon dish included on their menu.† He couldn’t use enough positive words to describe it. So, when I was in Phoenix, we included dinner at Charleston’s, and being a big fan of [...]

Save Money at Cedar Point


I grew up in Ohio, which has a surprising number of summer amusements. My favorite, of course, was and is Cedar Point, home to some of the finest roller coasters in the world! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As with most amusements, proximity is the best solution to money saving.† There are options available that [...]

Scribner’s Mill Back to the Past Celebration


This annual event is the major fundraiser for the Scribner’s Mill Preservation group.† They pull out all the stops and it is a great historical event.† The Back to the Past celebration is always the first weekend in August.† The efforts of dozens of volunteers and exhibitors help make this a great experience for the [...]

Maine State Parks: Cheap Day Trip Options


Maine has a lot of outdoors for vacationers to enjoy.† Parks abound.† There is one National Park (Acadia), a piece of the White Mountain National Forest, and 31 or so parks managed by the Maine Bureau of Parks that charge fees. The Appalachian trail passes through or near several of these. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || [...]

Texas Roadhouse


As a rule, I don’t tout chain restaurants.† There’s too much room for inconsistency from store to store.† I believe I’ve found an exception.† I recently had the opportunity to dine at Texas Roadhouse in two different states.†† The quality was consistent.† It was fun…unlimited peanuts in the shell and an invite to drop those [...]

Lakeshore Park – Ashtabula, Ohio


I grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio, next to a town park right on Lake Erie.† On a recent visit home, my sister and I took several walks through this park, as one of its entrances is only a couple hundred feet from our mother’s front door. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); With the help of [...]



I went to Italy in 2000, a great year to be in Rome.† The Sistine Chapel had just been restored; much of the sculpture in public had been given a facelift; the city was alive.† So, What made the biggest impression on me?† Besides the Sistine Chapel, that is… The Colosseum.† The movie Gladiator was [...]