July 24, 2019

Cruise the Kanc


The Kancamagus Highway is a 26.5 mile scenic drive that runs through the White Mountain National Forest from Conway to Lincoln, New Hampshire.  This drive is beautiful year-round, and is a particular draw during foliage season.  In the summer, there are places to swim in the Swift River with natural water slides and pools.  There [...]

Boston Travels: Enjoying Quincy Market


There is enough budget wise stuff to do in and around here to fill a day.  Boutique window shopping, street performers, amazing food (or pack a lunch), and room for kids to leap and hop are just some of the attractions.  Planning a trip to include Quincy Market (Faneuil Hall Marketplace)?  Make it on a [...]

Maine Wildlife Park


There is no one who comes to visit Maine for a week, a weekend or a summer that doesn’t aspire to see, at least, a moose.  The  intrepid wildlife seeker can find an alternative to driving the highways and byways in the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine. Open from April to Veteran’s Day, the [...]

The Museum of Art in Portland, Maine


This is a gem of a museum.  It is the oldest art museum in Maine and is home to over 17,000 objects d’art.  Found on the corner of High and Free Streets, and visible from Congress St., the PMA is conveniently located for access on a walking tour of Portland. In addition to rotating special [...]

Concord Coach Lines – Affordable and comfortable


When it comes to traveling to Boston from Maine or New Hampshire, one option stands head and shoulders above the others, in my humble opinion.  That option is the highway coaches run by Concord Coach Lines. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Concord’s routes all end at either South Station or Logan Airport.  The price is [...]

The Magic Lantern – Bridgton, Maine


The old-fashioned charm of a roomy, plush home town movie theatre with hundreds of seats is the stuff of nostalgia for a lot of people.  Those theatres  often have been restored and used for different purposes or have been replaced with sterile, non-descript multiplexes that are synonymous with cinema to at least one or two [...]

Unexpected Travel Uses for S Hooks


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As much as I love using caribiners, sometimes they just don’t cut it. Either there’s no hook inside the bathroom door or shower stall, or the pole that you could otherwise clip it to in order keep your bag off the ground is too wide to accommodate your caribiner at [...]

Eco-Travel Hack: A New Use for Earth Friendly Dog Poop Bags


When reading Beth Whitman’s book on traveling to India, one particular tip popped out at me. For locations where the restroom’s infrastructure won’t handle toilet tissue being flushed down it, or if there isn’t a restroom at all other than the nearest privacy-providing bush, you will need to bring your own tie-up tote bag to [...]

Sally’s: My Source for Backpack Sized Beauty Items


That’s right. I said it. Even when I go on adventure travel destinations, there are still a few basic items I need from the beauty supply store. Not only does the Sally’s chain come in handy for regular savings on overall health and beauty items, but it has a few goodies that fit my needs [...]