August 18, 2019

Family-Friendly Adventure Travel a Hit with Kids

adventure travel for families

It’s no secret that children love adventure. Including activities with wow factor on your next family getaway is a sure bet against boredom. Here are a handful of tips for doing just that. Flexibility: Mike and Catrell Cooney of Cooney World Adventure took their three teenage boys on a world tour.  When the family missed [...]

12 Things to Look for When Shopping for Travel Clothing

Otavalo sweaters

I know we all like to think about the warm and fuzzy aspects of traveling, like the great sights we’ll get to see or the awesome business deals we’ll close. But the brutal truth is that your choice in travel clothing can have a huge impact on the quality of any trip. To a certain [...]

5 Surprising Pieces of Travel Gear

Bandanas rszd2

Rolling luggage and hanging toiletry bags are fairly predictable purchases for frequent travelers, but these five items make my personal short list of must-have gear. What they are just might surprise you. S Hooks: When you travel light, it usually means you end up carrying most of your belongings near or on your person. A [...]

How to Combine Business with Pleasure and Still Pack Light

Packing for biz and pleasure

Mixing museum tours with mountain trails, and beach time with business gatherings takes planning, especially when you’re traveling independently. While heading out for an extreme sporting vacation with no checked luggage might not be achievable, it is possible to travel with less luggage while working from the road on a soft adventure getaway.  Here are [...]

Speleology on a Shoestring: Budget Travel Tips for Cave Lovers


When my tour of Slovenia’s Postojna Cave started with an underground train ride, I knew it had to be massive. After witnessing the impressive formations, I immediately wanted to see more of the same. For many, experiencing the world’s notable cave systems involves a hefty price tag. However, there are several ways to handle cost [...]

Surprising Sources for Scoring Affordable Travel Supplies

travel gear

I obtain travel supplies for as little as 20 cents per item for the basics, and at significant discounts for more substantial items. Here are some of my favorite sources for scoring affordable travel supplies. Special Ops Catalogs I covered this somewhat in my travel bag solutions post for Wise Bread a while back. People [...]

9 Adventure Travel Items You Can Buy at the Hardware Store


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Need a cheap place to buy some gear for your first adventure travel experience? Hit the hardware store. Box hardware stores offer great prices on numerous items suitable for adventure travel enthusiasts.