November 24, 2017

Literary Travel Brings Affordable Adventure to Avid Readers

Literary Travel Beatrix Potter House

If theme parks and golf getaways arenít in your travel budget this year, consider incorporating a bit of literary tourism into your next family vacation itinerary. Itís easily incorporated into other agendas, and typically comes at an extremely affordable price point. Here are a handful of ways you can begin to explore the worlds of [...]

Vacation Essentials that Could Be Costing You Less

Vacation Essentials for Less Pic

While many vacation expenses are unavoidable, there are certain areas where you could easily be spending less than you perhaps already are. Follow these four areas of savings advice to start shaving expenses and reduce your bottom line. (See also: How to Score Superior Spa Savings) Dental: Paying 99 cents for less than a one [...]

Train Travel a Thrifty Alternative

Train Travel

When veteran traveler Thursday Bram journeys by train, her packing list includes: food and motion sickness pills. Before a trip, Bram purchases simple snacks to avoid pricey club car dining. She also carries motion sickness tablets in two formulas:† non-drowsy tablets for short trips and regular formula to rest comfortably on overnight rides, which save [...]

Historical Destinations Provide High-Value Honeymoon Potential

Heritage Destination Honeymoons

Choosing destinations with historical attractions can mean more wedding trip for your money, even if you splurge on things like accommodations and fancy dinners. Here are three honeymoon havens to consider. Urban: Montreal, Quebec has much to offer with regards to culture and historic ambience. One example is the Place díArmes, a charming square in [...]

Foodie Vacations Offer Frugal Travel Alternative

Frugal Foodie Travel

Those who think food-focused vacation dining has to cost as much or more than their accommodation expenses may want to reconsider how they approach culinary travel. Here are a handful of my favorite ways to enjoy full-flavored travel experiences. (See also: How to Score Vacation Food at Affordable Prices) Charity: Fundraising efforts frequently provide ways [...]

Hotel Package Perks for Penny-Pinching Hedonists

Package Perks Pic

If you want the best value for your vacation, it pays to shop for packages as opposed to simply considering the basic room rate. While not every hotel offers an all-inclusive travel experience, many do include exceptional complimentary items with seasonal and annual package rates. Ranging from happy hour drinks to museum tickets and spa [...]

Soft Adventure Travel Staples

Soft Adventure Travel

A built-in perk of soft adventure travel is that you can avoid the need to bring along all of the bulky, specialized equipment necessary for specialized activities like hard-core mountain climbing or scuba diving. A few easy-to-pack essentials will keep you ready for action. Storage: Having a casual bag to take on the plane and [...]

Vacationing as a Couple Provides Packing Perks

Space Saving Travel Tips for Couples

While traveling as a twosome provides a myriad of savings opportunities along with a built-in support system for navigating logistical challenges, it also allows you each to save some serious luggage space. With overhead slots at a premium, and delayed flight connections making checked baggage arrival a frequent cause of concern, making the most of [...]

Reducing Waste on the Road

Reducing Waste on the Road

Hurried flight connections and fast-paced highway traffic can cause even the most dedicated eco traveler to pause in confusion when it comes to reducing waste on the road. Follow these tips to stay green on a budget. (See also: Going Green on the Road) Dining: By choosing to eat inside instead of opting for takeout [...]

Gentlemanís Guide to Grooming on the Go

Grooming Tips for Men on the Move Pic

It may be permissible to go the Grizzly Adams route on a fishing trip or adventure getaway in the Amazon jungle, but business trips and romantic weekends with your significant other require a certain standard of grooming. While it can be challenging to carry a full set of clippers in your carry-on bag, there are [...]

Travel Experts Sound Off About Their Must-Pack Essentials

Must Pack Essentials

A quick survey of some of the top experts in the industry resulted in this informative recommendation list for new travelers. Their top picks? Green Supplies: Bring your own eco infrastructure to stay ďgreenĒ on the road, says Beth Terry of My Plastic Free Life, a waste reduction blog. Her top picks include a reusable [...]

Winning Ways to Go Wine Touring for Less

Wine Touring Pic

Wine experiences are a sought-after itinerary item for many world travelers. If youíre concerned you wonít be able to include one without breaking the bank, worry no more. These thrifty tasting tips will help get you started affordably. Festivals: Food and wine festivals are a great way to experience a variety of wines without the [...]

Traveling for a Job Interview? Try These Savvy Savings Tips

Job Interview Travel

Heading out for a job interview can be a stressful proposition. Factor in the necessary money-saving concerns if youíve been between gigs for an extended period of time and it can easily spiral out of control with regards to cost. Try these savvy savings tips on for size the next time youíre traveling for a [...]

Experience Eco Adventure on Grand Bahama Island

With all of the king-sized cruise ships, casino action and waterfront resorts on Grand Bahama Island, travelers might reasonably expect that a more ecologically-oriented getaway to this destination would be out of reach. Fortunately, this is not the case. With three national parks, an enormous underwater cave system and massive amounts of marine life, thereís [...]