September 22, 2019

Winning Strategies for a Working Coupleís Getaway


With free time for North American residents at a premium, and the increasing number of people juggling side businesses and freelance gigs, working vacations are becoming a common occurrence. Before you and your significant other pack your bags and take off for parts unknown, there are a few things you may want to negotiate ahead [...]

Affordable Tips for Embracing the RV Lifestyle

RV Living for Less Pic

After months of shopping for an affordable tow-behind recreational vehicle to use for family camping and North American exploration, a manufacturer of custom cargo trailers caught our eye. When David and I pulled in to see if the cargo trailers could be modified for RV use, the business owner gave us a bargain tour.† The [...]

Location-Independent Career Options

location independent careers

Many beginning excursionists think that in order to embrace their travel dreams full time, they will be required to have all of their money up front. The truth is, with a location-independent career, you can live on the road for as long as you want. Here are a handful of career choices that provide flexibility [...]

Maintaining a Business Wardrobe on the Road

business wardrobe

On a business trip to Miami, a pair of sleek boots became a multitasking fashion tool. The boots were worn with jeans, dress pants, a knee-length dress and a long skirt, taking functional footwear to the next level. On that same trip, a faulty hotel iron and rumpled blouse ó a clearance special ó taught [...]

Work-Juggling Tips for Road Warriors

working from road

Meeting deadlines during a month-long trip to Quito, Ecuador was supposed to be a breeze. †But a local energy-saving strategy of scheduled power outages caught my husband and I by surprise and short-circuited our workday.† Unplugged, we relied on extended-use laptop batteries, advanced planning and a restructured mix of work and sightseeing to handle professional [...]

12 Things to Look for When Shopping for Travel Clothing

Otavalo sweaters

I know we all like to think about the warm and fuzzy aspects of traveling, like the great sights weíll get to see or the awesome business deals weíll close. But the brutal truth is that your choice in travel clothing can have a huge impact on the quality of any trip. To a certain [...]

How to Make Money While Traveling


To enjoy as much time as possible traveling in the Middle East, I opted for an international teaching position in Kuwait. With paid utilities, complimentary housing, tax-free compensation and annual roundtrip airfare, it was a job that allowed for regional travel opportunities and additional freelance tutoring gigs for extra cash. Itís possible to make money [...]

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

El Oriente Close Up

Travel photography isnít just big business in its own right, itís a great way to collect free souvenirs, embrace the travel decorating scheme at home and begin to attract even more visitors to your travel blog. Itís also true that travel pictures can help you sell quite a bit more of your work if youíre [...]

How to Be a Professional Hobo


When Nora Dunn sold her financial planning practice, along with everything else she owned in 2007 to follow her dream of full-time travel, she knew she wanted to share her adventure., Dunn’s web site, chronicles how she’s managed to travel full time in a financially-sustainable manner for over four years. In addition to freelance [...]

Travel Beauty: Trek Hound Tips for Looking Your Best on the Road


Looking good on the road is no small feat. Traffic jams, flight delays and extreme weather patterns can all wreak havoc on a road warriorís appearance. Lost hair bling, broken nails and spilled sauces bring additional appearance stress, and take you from dreamy to dumpy in a hurry. So how do you look your best [...]

One-Bag Travel Tips for Road Warriors


With excess baggage fees spiraling out of control, learning how to pack light is becoming a serious survival skill for perpetual road warriors. Here are several one-bag travel tips to help you keep costs under control. Use them for short excursions, international vacations, train travel and road trips when you want to reduce luggage weight [...]

Tenba Messenger Bag Review

Tenba Large Engraveable Messenger Bag

At roughly $110, Tenbaís large engravable messenger bag might seem a bit steep. Until you compare it to other pro gear bags on the market. There are a number of reasons why I dished out the dough for this particular Tenba bag. What follows is my complete Tenba messenger bag review, along with the several [...]

Rolling with the Punches on Road Trips

road trips

After departing the California coast for a several-month stint in East Asia and the Middle East, we were confident our cold weather gear would no longer be needed. Shivering temperatures and shin-deep slush in Amman, Jordan proved us wrong. Fortunately, Amman offers my favorite Middle East problem solving solution Ė the souk. A quick shopping [...]

Product Review: Why We Dished out the Dough to Purchase Amazonís Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire 1

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Few devices have gotten as much buzz lately as Amazonís new tablet, the Kindle Fire. With full-color access to digital magazine subscriptions, streaming video, Android apps and more for just less than $200, the price point seems poised for a huge presence in this yearís holiday sales figures. What finally [...]