August 18, 2019

Culinary Tourism Offers Alternative to Typically Hectic Vacations

Culinary Tourism

A cooking class taken with a friend while traveling in Chiang Mai, Thailand took place in a serene nature setting. Slowly grinding spices for curry under the instruction of a well-known local chef was a nice break from the traditional tourist scene. It’s possible to embark on a global food tour without spending a fortune [...]

Cost-Effective Camping Puts Travel Accommodations in Financial Reach

cost effective camping strategies pic

It may be getting a bit cold in northern climes, but camping is still a comfortable option in many parts of the world. When paired with bargain air fares, it can make an extremely affordable accommodation option for independent travelers. As with most vacation options, organization and infrastructure can each play a critical role. Here [...]

Boat Travel Possible for Budget Travelers

Boat Travel Pic

You may think that traveling by boat is only for the wealthy, but the truth is many budget travelers have embraced this lifestyle full time. Here are a few suggestions for spending more time on the water during your next extended trip or during retirement in general. (See also: Beach Travel on a Budget) Salvage: [...]

Bike Your Way Around the World: Budget Tips for Two-Wheeled Adventures

Bike Rider 1

Bicycles are an affordable way to see the world in an up close and personal way. Syndicated television personality Judge Alex E. Ferrer agrees, pointing to wildlife spotting on a bike ride through Shark Valley in Everglades National Park as a favorite way to get back to nature while affordably enjoying Miami. Nancy Sathre-Vogel and [...]

Athletic Travel Combines Fitness and Fan Fun with Other Travel Agendas

Athletic Travel

Whether you’re training for the London Olympics or getting ready for a regional ski competition, serious athletes often resort to RV rentals or short-term apartments to keep accommodation costs under control. You can use the same strategies to stay on budget during your own athletic travel adventures, whether they are participatory or to simply enjoy [...]

Affordable Wardrobe Adjustments for Trips to Holy Land, Sacred Sites

Wardrobe for Traveling to Sacred Sites Pic

Many of the world’s popular leisure destinations are also home to sites which are spiritually significant to people of certain faiths. For example, Mount Carmel National Park in Haifa, Israel is within relatively easy access of the world headquarters of the Baha’i faith, which allows free public tours of its elaborate hillside gardens. Similarly, those [...]

Affordable Tips for Embracing the RV Lifestyle

RV Living for Less Pic

After months of shopping for an affordable tow-behind recreational vehicle to use for family camping and North American exploration, a manufacturer of custom cargo trailers caught our eye. When David and I pulled in to see if the cargo trailers could be modified for RV use, the business owner gave us a bargain tour.  The [...]

Family-Friendly Adventure Travel a Hit with Kids

adventure travel for families

It’s no secret that children love adventure. Including activities with wow factor on your next family getaway is a sure bet against boredom. Here are a handful of tips for doing just that. Flexibility: Mike and Catrell Cooney of Cooney World Adventure took their three teenage boys on a world tour.  When the family missed [...]

Savvy Smart Phone Apps for Travelers

smart phone shopping

Traveling independently means you’re typically without a tour coordinator. Doing it on a budget means there’s a good chance you won’t have a concierge either. Getting where you’re going and finding your way around once you get there requires a fair bit of research. Cut down on the size of your tourist information packet by [...]

Location-Independent Career Options

location independent careers

Many beginning excursionists think that in order to embrace their travel dreams full time, they will be required to have all of their money up front. The truth is, with a location-independent career, you can live on the road for as long as you want. Here are a handful of career choices that provide flexibility [...]

Canadian Man Cans Corporate Career and Hits the Road


Man on the Lam founder Raymond Walsh was living the Canadian dream. A great paying job, cool car and a hefty mortgage, along with a yearly vacation or two pretty much paints the picture. Walsh began to wonder if there was more to life, however. So in July of 2011, Raymond made the jump. He [...]

Maintaining a Business Wardrobe on the Road

business wardrobe

On a business trip to Miami, a pair of sleek boots became a multitasking fashion tool. The boots were worn with jeans, dress pants, a knee-length dress and a long skirt, taking functional footwear to the next level. On that same trip, a faulty hotel iron and rumpled blouse — a clearance special — taught [...]

Daytripping with Fido

pet travel

On the road and at home, pets are an integral part of our lives. Nearly 40 percent of U.S. households own at least one dog, according to the Humane Society. Our pets often accompany us on the road, including one-day road trips. Fortunately, it’s possible to save money and save your sanity while traveling with [...]

Work-Juggling Tips for Road Warriors

working from road

Meeting deadlines during a month-long trip to Quito, Ecuador was supposed to be a breeze.  But a local energy-saving strategy of scheduled power outages caught my husband and I by surprise and short-circuited our workday.  Unplugged, we relied on extended-use laptop batteries, advanced planning and a restructured mix of work and sightseeing to handle professional [...]