August 20, 2019

Savvy Smart Phone Apps for Travelers

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Traveling independently means you’re typically without a tour coordinator. Doing it on a budget means there’s a good chance you won’t have a concierge either. Getting where you’re going and finding your way around once you get there requires a fair bit of research. Cut down on the size of your tourist information packet by [...]

Canadian Man Cans Corporate Career and Hits the Road


Man on the Lam founder Raymond Walsh was living the Canadian dream. A great paying job, cool car and a hefty mortgage, along with a yearly vacation or two pretty much paints the picture. Walsh began to wonder if there was more to life, however. So in July of 2011, Raymond made the jump. He [...]

Voluntourism on a Budget


After a typhoon on Guam, I struck up a conversation with a fellow world traveler on the beach. Her itinerary? Disaster recovery as a volunteer with the Red Cross.  Retired and liberated  from traditional employment, she was able to respond to international disasters quickly. In exchange for assisting locals with relief paperwork every morning, her transportation [...]

How to Make Long-Term Travel Affordable


When I asked professional hobo Nora Dunn how she’s stayed on the road since 2006, she revealed her biggest golden egg: Bartering. By exchanging light work for lodging, she eliminates a large portion of her expenses. On an all-expense paid trip to Spain, which included three-course meals and wine, Dunn exchanged English conversation sessions with [...]

How to Handle Dietary Restrictions When You Travel


Whether you’re dealing with lactose intolerance, a vegan diet or religious dietary restrictions, planning ahead is critical for travelers with special needs. Hacks: Know how to get the best bang for your diet restriction buck. For example, when dining at Denny’s, customers are allowed to substitute fresh fruit for any item on a combo plate [...]

How to Make Money While Traveling


To enjoy as much time as possible traveling in the Middle East, I opted for an international teaching position in Kuwait. With paid utilities, complimentary housing, tax-free compensation and annual roundtrip airfare, it was a job that allowed for regional travel opportunities and additional freelance tutoring gigs for extra cash. It’s possible to make money [...]

How to Be a Professional Hobo


When Nora Dunn sold her financial planning practice, along with everything else she owned in 2007 to follow her dream of full-time travel, she knew she wanted to share her adventure., Dunn’s web site, chronicles how she’s managed to travel full time in a financially-sustainable manner for over four years. In addition to freelance [...]

One-Bag Travel Tips for Road Warriors


With excess baggage fees spiraling out of control, learning how to pack light is becoming a serious survival skill for perpetual road warriors. Here are several one-bag travel tips to help you keep costs under control. Use them for short excursions, international vacations, train travel and road trips when you want to reduce luggage weight [...]

Rolling with the Punches on Road Trips

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After departing the California coast for a several-month stint in East Asia and the Middle East, we were confident our cold weather gear would no longer be needed. Shivering temperatures and shin-deep slush in Amman, Jordan proved us wrong. Fortunately, Amman offers my favorite Middle East problem solving solution – the souk. A quick shopping [...]

How to Travel with Less Luggage


Between security hurdles and checked baggage fees, limiting luggage has become less of an extreme travel choice and more of a survival strategy. After living for six months out of one small backpack, I learned a thing or two about traveling light. Here are my top tips for traveling with less luggage. Storage: Choose luggage [...]

7 Ways you can Travel for Free, by Shelley Seale & Keith Hajovsky


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Are you tired of the conventional wisdom that says that you have to spend a lot of money to travel the world?

Five Items I Never Travel Without


Portable Tripod Sometimes you just want to be in front of the camera, instead of never in a pic because you’re the one behind the camera.  If only you had a tripod.  A traditional tripod just is not practical for most people. It’s large, cumbersome, and not always convenient to have on hand. This is [...]

Traveling in Turkey Behind the Wheel

Travel in Turkey Driving to Cappadocia

    This is one of a two part series on driving in Turkey. Traveling to Turkey is fantastic. Visitors  have the opportunity for many cultural and historic experiences. One adventure I wasn’t expecting in Turkey was  my time behind the wheel of our rental car.  Turkish drivers live on the edge with their death defying driving maneuvers. I will [...]

Ten Universal Travel Skills


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); While travel skills in general are likely too numerous to list efficiently, these ten are the ones Trek Hound consider to be universally helpful. What are they?