September 22, 2019

Experience Eco Adventure on Grand Bahama Island

With all of the king-sized cruise ships, casino action and waterfront resorts on Grand Bahama Island, travelers might reasonably expect that a more ecologically-oriented getaway to this destination would be out of reach. Fortunately, this is not the case. With three national parks, an enormous underwater cave system and massive amounts of marine life, there’s [...]

Value Tips for Visiting Paris

Paris for Pennies Pic

Paris, like Miami, London, Boston and others is one of the most expensive destinations on the planet, but that doesn’t stop travelers from wanting to include it on their itinerary. Whether you are there to experience the museum circuit or want to save your money for the club scene, here are a handful of tips [...]

Edmonton: Alberta’s Nature Gateway Boasts Surprisingly Hip Culture and Entertainment Scene

Edmonton Old Strathcona Pic

Whether you’re traveling to Edmonton on a business trip or taking advantage of its nature gateway status to access such attractions as Jasper National Park or the Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, you’ll find the city has much more to offer than overnight accommodations and Ikea browsing. Art: The Art Gallery of Alberta houses works from [...]

Thrifty Tips for Visiting Tokyo, Japan


Known for its budget-busting price tag as much as its sights and heritage, Tokyo is on the bucket list for many travelers. Amy Greimann Carlson, editor of Travelers’ Tales Japan, recommends local pubs for inexpensive food. Smaller portions of popular foods are typically paired with pints of beer, resulting in a meal that costs a [...]

Thrifty Travelers Trek to Thailand for Touring, Retirement


Even with all of its break-through success in recent decades, Thailand remains one of the best travel bargains in the tourism industry. Suitable for indie backpackers and luxury travelers alike, the Kingdom of Thailand boasts beaches, ancient architecture, affordable spa services, lush scenery and a low cost of living. What are some of the other [...]

Dubai for a Dime


Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is a city known around the world for its lavishness. However, serious savings are possible in this opulent city. You just need to know the experts. Here’s what our sources had to say about seeing this Middle Eastern city on a shoestring. Accommodation: The folks at Hostel Bookers know [...]

Thrifty Strategies for Seeing Top Destinations Around the World

Top World Destinations

Trekking to the world’s top destinations doesn’t have to mean throwing financial responsibility to the wind. A few basic strategies can have you saving big while still enjoying world-class sightseeing opportunities. Here are a few tips to get you started. (See also: World-Class Walking Tours) Time: Extended-stay passes brought our daily rates down to a song at [...]

D.C. on a Dime: Frugal Ways to Enjoy a Visit to Washington

DC on a Dime

Along with Washington’s free museums and national zoo comes a reputation for being really expensive when it comes to food, beverages and affordable vacation lodging. For those who want to experience this national gem without wiping out their savings account, the following tips should prove helpful. (See also: Thrifty Things to Do in Quito, Ecuador) [...]

Step Back in Time with a Trip to Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island 3

Free of automobiles and reachable by Shepler’s Ferry for a mere $22 per round-trip ticket, Michigan’s Mackinac Island is the epitome of time travel on a budget. Horse-drawn carriage taxis and delivery carts, picture-perfect period buildings and bicycle liveries abound, making for a couple’s or multigenerational family getaway you won’t soon forget. Fun: The island’s [...]

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley Takes Wine Tourism to a New Level

Okanagan 3

A hidden gem of the British Columbia tourism experience lies in a picturesque wonderland known as the Okanagan Valley. A myriad of boutique wineries and charming bed and breakfast establishments, combined with a noteworthy culinary scene make this a travel destination to take seriously. Here are just some of the ways this Canadian travel pearl [...]

Hiking to Waterfalls in New England


Many people include hiking in their travel agendas when they come to New England.  Because of a National Park, a National Forest, several state parks and other preserved land, there are a lot of hiking trails in the 5-state area. What people may not know is how many of those trails include waterfalls. Over 400 [...]

Wales Offers Visually Striking, Affordable European Vacation

Wales Castle

Searching for a scenic and unusual vacation? Wales is a winner. Accessible countryside, commanding castles and numerous archaeological attractions make this European destination worthy of your tourist time. It’s also the birthplace of poet Dylan Thomas, and home to the quirky yet notable World Bog Snorkeling Championship. Here’s how to make the most of your [...]

Photo Feature: 2012 London Olympics Anticipation


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All eyes will soon be turning to England for the 2012 Summer Olympics. For the budget conscious, reducing accommodation costs and looking for other ways to keep expenses low while planning to visit the Olympics will help make a visit memorable but not bank busting. Photo courtesy Andy Roberts Photos

Affordable Ways to Experience Las Vegas, Nevada


Known for its glitz, glamour and cha-ching price tag, Las Vegas tempts many a traveler to its world-famous collection of dinner shows, spas, restaurants and shopping venues. Hoping to experience Sin City on the cheap? Try these tips. Food: Happy hour deals offer a source of cheap eats for Vegas visitors. Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria and [...]