August 20, 2019

Reducing Waste on the Road

Reducing Waste on the Road

Hurried flight connections and fast-paced highway traffic can cause even the most dedicated eco traveler to pause in confusion when it comes to reducing waste on the road. Follow these tips to stay green on a budget. (See also: Going Green on the Road) Dining: By choosing to eat inside instead of opting for takeout [...]

Gentleman’s Guide to Grooming on the Go

Grooming Tips for Men on the Move Pic

It may be permissible to go the Grizzly Adams route on a fishing trip or adventure getaway in the Amazon jungle, but business trips and romantic weekends with your significant other require a certain standard of grooming. While it can be challenging to carry a full set of clippers in your carry-on bag, there are [...]

Travel Experts Sound Off About Their Must-Pack Essentials

Must Pack Essentials

A quick survey of some of the top experts in the industry resulted in this informative recommendation list for new travelers. Their top picks? Green Supplies: Bring your own eco infrastructure to stay “green” on the road, says Beth Terry of My Plastic Free Life, a waste reduction blog. Her top picks include a reusable [...]

Extreme Pet Travel Requires Resources, Planning

Extreme Pet Travel Pic

Hammock in Paradise blogger Lisa Overman made a cross-country drive with a one hundred twenty pound dog and two elderly cats. Challenges included feline med passes, a vehicle breakdown and retail stops. Her solo strategy included the creative use of drive-up windows. When a carsick cat blew through the remaining paper towels and baby wipes, [...]

Intro to Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism – traveling outside one’s home country for treatment – is on the rise. When stem cell therapy was determined to be the best option for Amy Scher’s medical condition, remaining in the United States for treatment was out of the question. After much research and consulting with her physicians, Scher decided to head [...]

How to Fly with Fewer Liquids

Reducing Liquides While Traveling Pic

Reducing your overall travel liquids and making your storage solutions as compact as possible are highly-valued skills on the modern-day travel circuit. Follow these handy travel tips to keep your liquid supply situation under control. (See also: How to Travel Light and Low Budget) Storage: While there are times when heading straight for the travel-sized [...]

Laundry Logistics for Road Warriors

Laundry Logistics Pic

The secret to light packing for long-term travel lies with laundry. With wardrobe choices designed to go the distance, the logistics can be less challenging than you might think. Here are my top tips for tackling this tedious travel task. (See also: How to Travel Light and Low Budget) Containment: Workout wear, odiferous socks and [...]

Hydration Tips for Healthy Travel

Hydration Tips for Travelers Pic

Taking the time to travel during the summer months or to warmer climates can mean a change in the level of fluid consumption for many travelers. Maintaining proper body fluid levels is important not only for your health, but also for an enjoyable vacation as the symptoms of severe dehydration are no laughing matter. Follow [...]

Vacation Kitchens Offer Memorable Al Fresco Dining Experiences for Travelers

Travel Kitchens

In Al Ahsa, near the city of Hofuf, I enjoyed Arab hospitality in the form of a Saudi tailgate party. Lounging on hand-woven Middle Eastern carpets on the sand, my hosts and I dined under the stars amid the palm trees on dates, grilled lamb chops, chai and hummus. Our kitchen? A portable metal fire [...]

Planning Ahead Critical for Successful Pet Sitting Experience

Pet Sitting

Booking six months of pet-sitting services topped the to-do list for a long-term trip my husband and I were taking. We made arrangements for handling monthly fees to our dogs’ care provider, and provided food, medications, treats and toys. When it came to covering the cost of incidentals and supply restocking, the concept of petty [...]

Unexpected Ways to Save on Vacation Transportation

save on transportation

Barbara Hooker, an American educator working in Bavaria loves the Bayern ticket for families. For 28 Euros, you can book a two-day train pass for up to five people good for passage throughout the whole of Bavaria.  Money-saving opportunities for vacation transport can come from the most unusual places. (See also: 5 Insider Sights to [...]

Dog-Friendly Destinations an Option for Budget Travelers

Dog Destinations 1

Pet parents of furry canines often struggle when trying to affordably include Rover in the family vacation. While you can be willing to make all the accommodations in the world to meet the needs of your four-legged child, your efforts to travel with your dogs will be thwarted if the destination itself hasn’t embraced the [...]

The Logistics of Moving: Transition Strategies for New Locations

Moving Transitions

I arrived on Guam in the early 1990s with emergency cash, documents and an advanced shipment of necessary belongings. Unfortunately, an 8.2 earthquake destroyed my hotel and damaged the unloading docks, leaving me – at least temporarily – with just a rental car and the clothes on my back. Clearly, it was time to reevaluate [...]

Green Travel Tips for Family Getaways

Eco Travel Gear

On a weekend getaway to Orlando, we nearly hit a snag in our eco travel agenda when a trip to Whole Foods resulted in plastic produce bags being provided as the only storage option. Fortunately, we were prepared with mesh drawstring bags – four for a buck at the dollar store – and a stash [...]