August 18, 2019

Bike Your Way Around the World: Budget Tips for Two-Wheeled Adventures

Bike Rider 1

Bicycles are an affordable way to see the world in an up close and personal way. Syndicated television personality Judge Alex E. Ferrer agrees, pointing to wildlife spotting on a bike ride through Shark Valley in Everglades National Park as a favorite way to get back to nature while affordably enjoying Miami. Nancy Sathre-Vogel and [...]

Simple Tips for Saving on Summer Vacations

summer vacation

Afraid that recent price increases in critical budget areas will cramp your warm-weather travel style? Relax. With these simple saving strategies, your summer fun is in the bag. Weekends: If taking a few weeks off isnít in your work schedule, cheer up. Chances are you can have a wider range of travel opportunities by taking [...]

Managed Vacation Rentals Provide Superior Value

vacation rental activity

While peer-to-peer vacation rentals may provide a rock-bottom price point and the ability to whip up a bargain breakfast, their distance from main attractions and lack of amenities can sometimes result in additional costs such as mid-day restaurant tabs and rental car fees. At sought-after theme parks and world-class adventure destinations, the extra expenses tend [...]

Luxury Travel on a Shoestring


While we were itching to try a spa getaway at the world-famous hot springs at the Tabacon resort in Costa Rica, we were not eager to pay hundreds of dollars per night for a hotel room on that property. Instead, for less than $50, we purchased day passes to the exotic landscaped pool and hot [...]

Voluntourism on a Budget


After a typhoon on Guam, I struck up a conversation with a fellow world traveler on the beach. Her†itinerary? Disaster recovery as a volunteer with the Red Cross.† Retired and liberated †from traditional employment, she was able to respond to international disasters quickly. In exchange for assisting locals with relief paperwork every morning, her transportation [...]

How to Make Long-Term Travel Affordable


When I asked professional hobo Nora Dunn how sheís stayed on the road since 2006, she revealed her biggest golden egg: Bartering. By exchanging light work for lodging, she eliminates a large portion of her expenses. On an all-expense paid trip to Spain, which included three-course meals and wine, Dunn exchanged English conversation sessions with [...]

Domestic Travel on a Dime

Domestic Travel

According to a recent data study by American Express Travel, domestic excursions are on the rise. Of the 54 percent of Americans who are planning to travel in 2012, more than eight in ten of them plan to dish out more dollars on travel this year than they previously spent in 2011. And more than [...]

How to Make Money While Traveling


To enjoy as much time as possible traveling in the Middle East, I opted for an international teaching position in Kuwait. With paid utilities, complimentary housing, tax-free compensation and annual roundtrip airfare, it was a job that allowed for regional travel opportunities and additional freelance tutoring gigs for extra cash. Itís possible to make money [...]

Budget Travelerís Guide to Hotel Room Meals

Trump International Beach Resort

We left the hotel room with plans for an affordable romantic dinner for two. Unfortunately, our spastic, but lovable Labrador had another agenda. When affection, toys and treats failed to stop her barking, we knew it was time to regroup. Our solution? Even more affordable in-room dining. But pet travel isnít the only reason hotel [...]

How to Save Money on Parking Fees


Itís no secret that incidental vacation expenses can seriously sink a travel budget. One of the biggest culprits? Parking fees. Whether you drive your own vehicle or rely exclusively on rental cars, they comprise a significant portion of ground transportation costs, and deserve full consideration when it comes to looking for ways to reduce travel [...]

Travel Tips for Navigating the Teen Sports Circuit

teen sports travel

Whether youíre driving the kids to games yourself, or sending them on a bus provided by the school, coordinating sports-related teen travel itineraries can be a logistical exercise requiring military precision. Factor in frugality concerns, and you may find yourself in need of serious assistance. Use these shoestring travel tips to successfully navigate the school [...]

Money-Saving Spring Break Ideas


College students and parents of school children alike must annually consider which spring break ideas theyíd like to take advantage of. Needless to say that with both categories of vacation planners, budget is an issue. Here are my top picks for money-saving spring break ideas. Pitch a tent. If youíre looking to visit someplace warm, [...]

Top Tips for Keeping Your Business Trip on Budget

business trip

A business trip can be as expensive as it is productive. Read on for tips on how you can control the costs while building your net worth and increasing your bottom line. Make paperwork a priority. Lost opportunities for reimbursement can derail a business trip taken in order to increase commission earnings. The costs you [...]

Consider Off-Peak Travel for the Best Vacation Deals

off peak travel cabin

Seasoned vacation veterans know that the sweetest getaway deals can be obtained by planning for off-peak travel experiences. For example, my husband and I traveled from Lake Garda to Sloveniaís Lake Bled one year during what would have been Labor Day weekend back in the States. We chose this particular weekend because it allowed us [...]