September 22, 2019

Craft Stores Offer Creative Solutions to Travel Needs


  On a recent trip to a well-known craft store, I noticed a selection of colorful wall chargers and mini USB cords available for $5. While they were obviously positioned for impulse purchasing, the display did make me stop and think. What other fun and frugal travel finds were available at craft stores? I bumped [...]

Vacation Essentials that Could Be Costing You Less

Vacation Essentials for Less Pic

While many vacation expenses are unavoidable, there are certain areas where you could easily be spending less than you perhaps already are. Follow these four areas of savings advice to start shaving expenses and reduce your bottom line. (See also: How to Score Superior Spa Savings) Dental: Paying 99 cents for less than a one [...]

Train Travel a Thrifty Alternative

Train Travel

When veteran traveler Thursday Bram journeys by train, her packing list includes: food and motion sickness pills. Before a trip, Bram purchases simple snacks to avoid pricey club car dining. She also carries motion sickness tablets in two formulas:  non-drowsy tablets for short trips and regular formula to rest comfortably on overnight rides, which save [...]

Historical Destinations Provide High-Value Honeymoon Potential

Heritage Destination Honeymoons

Choosing destinations with historical attractions can mean more wedding trip for your money, even if you splurge on things like accommodations and fancy dinners. Here are three honeymoon havens to consider. Urban: Montreal, Quebec has much to offer with regards to culture and historic ambience. One example is the Place d’Armes, a charming square in [...]

Hotel Package Perks for Penny-Pinching Hedonists

Package Perks Pic

If you want the best value for your vacation, it pays to shop for packages as opposed to simply considering the basic room rate. While not every hotel offers an all-inclusive travel experience, many do include exceptional complimentary items with seasonal and annual package rates. Ranging from happy hour drinks to museum tickets and spa [...]

Winning Ways to Go Wine Touring for Less

Wine Touring Pic

Wine experiences are a sought-after itinerary item for many world travelers. If you’re concerned you won’t be able to include one without breaking the bank, worry no more. These thrifty tasting tips will help get you started affordably. Festivals: Food and wine festivals are a great way to experience a variety of wines without the [...]

Traveling for a Job Interview? Try These Savvy Savings Tips

Job Interview Travel

Heading out for a job interview can be a stressful proposition. Factor in the necessary money-saving concerns if you’ve been between gigs for an extended period of time and it can easily spiral out of control with regards to cost. Try these savvy savings tips on for size the next time you’re traveling for a [...]

Intro to Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism – traveling outside one’s home country for treatment – is on the rise. When stem cell therapy was determined to be the best option for Amy Scher’s medical condition, remaining in the United States for treatment was out of the question. After much research and consulting with her physicians, Scher decided to head [...]

Vacation Kitchens Offer Memorable Al Fresco Dining Experiences for Travelers

Travel Kitchens

In Al Ahsa, near the city of Hofuf, I enjoyed Arab hospitality in the form of a Saudi tailgate party. Lounging on hand-woven Middle Eastern carpets on the sand, my hosts and I dined under the stars amid the palm trees on dates, grilled lamb chops, chai and hummus. Our kitchen? A portable metal fire [...]

Unexpected Ways to Save on Vacation Transportation

save on transportation

Barbara Hooker, an American educator working in Bavaria loves the Bayern ticket for families. For 28 Euros, you can book a two-day train pass for up to five people good for passage throughout the whole of Bavaria.  Money-saving opportunities for vacation transport can come from the most unusual places. (See also: 5 Insider Sights to [...]

Thrifty Strategies for Seeing Top Destinations Around the World

Top World Destinations

Trekking to the world’s top destinations doesn’t have to mean throwing financial responsibility to the wind. A few basic strategies can have you saving big while still enjoying world-class sightseeing opportunities. Here are a few tips to get you started. (See also: World-Class Walking Tours) Time: Extended-stay passes brought our daily rates down to a song at [...]

The Logistics of Moving: Transition Strategies for New Locations

Moving Transitions

I arrived on Guam in the early 1990s with emergency cash, documents and an advanced shipment of necessary belongings. Unfortunately, an 8.2 earthquake destroyed my hotel and damaged the unloading docks, leaving me – at least temporarily – with just a rental car and the clothes on my back. Clearly, it was time to reevaluate [...]

Cost-Effective Camping Puts Travel Accommodations in Financial Reach

cost effective camping strategies pic

It may be getting a bit cold in northern climes, but camping is still a comfortable option in many parts of the world. When paired with bargain air fares, it can make an extremely affordable accommodation option for independent travelers. As with most vacation options, organization and infrastructure can each play a critical role. Here [...]

Frugal Family Camping Tips

Young father poses with children in tent

Camping ranks high on the list of low-cost vacations. With smart planning, camping becomes even more cost-effective. Here are a few favored money-saving strategies. Cost-sharing:’s Julie Rains, a professional blogger with two kids, partners with other families to share costs on meals, supplies and site rentals. This is a strategy my family has used [...]