August 18, 2019

Krongut Bornstedt

Krongut Bornstedt By: GertrudK Flickr Creative Commons

Krongut Bornstedt in Potsdam, Germany is one of those destinations that leaves you feeling like you stepped away from every day life.  The grounds of Krongut Bornstedt are filled with beautiful flowers and plants and there’s a rose garden where weddings can be held. Krongut Bornstedt has a wonderful old world restaurant which serves good [...]

The Magic Lantern – Bridgton, Maine


The old-fashioned charm of a roomy, plush home town movie theatre with hundreds of seats is the stuff of nostalgia for a lot of people.  Those theatres  often have been restored and used for different purposes or have been replaced with sterile, non-descript multiplexes that are synonymous with cinema to at least one or two [...]