September 22, 2019

The War Against 5 Star Safari South Africa

The War Against 5 Star Safari South Africa The Chronicles of 5 Star Safari South Africa You are able to even pick from a broad group of autos and have the pleasure to delight in the most useful tours in Dubai. It demonstrably enhances the experience for many vacationers seeing and increase the luxurious air. [...]

How much is a quad of weed?

How much is a quad of weed? Pricing statistics prepared by team at In most instances, Marijuana is commonly referred to as weed. In the selling of marijuana, the product is put in different measurements. Among the standard measures that are used for marijuana include an eighth of a kilogram (1/8) kg, a quarter [...]

Colombia’s Cartagena de Indias Offers UNESCO Charm, Affordable Luxury

Cartagena RSZD

  Long discussed among international expats and indie travelers as a must-see destination, Colombia’s Cartagena de Indias has remained somewhat off the mainstream vacation radar of North American tourists. Lately though, Cartagena seems to be coming into its own. With a large portion of the city designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO, recreational [...]

Active Adventure, Veg-Friendly Food Scene Available on St. Lucia

island pic

  If you thought sunbathing and spa treatments were your only itinerary options on the island of St. Lucia, think again. This Caribbean destination boasts nature trails, rainforest zip-lining, interactive volcano experiences and a developing food scene with serious potential. Headed there soon? Consider including the following activities and venues on your St. Lucia tourism [...]

Great Travel Gear for Girls


  Women who spend a great deal of time on the road will be the first to tell you that logistical and scheduling stressors can be greatly reduced by having access to items which are designed to go the distance on the road. Whether you are getting ready for a trip of your own, shopping [...]

Greenville, South Carolina Offers Great Family Travel Value


This South Carolina destination is large-dog friendly and offers a sense of Seattle chic in the South Atlantic with plenty of classic Americana thrown in for good measure. Main Street offers a scenic place to stroll, with a variety of shops and sidewalks wide enough to accommodate canines of all sizes. A free trolley system, [...]

Fun Finds for Vegan Air Travel

Grocery Receipt

  Navigating vegan vacations on the ground is one thing, but frequent travelers need more than basic salted nuts in order to stay fueled for problem solving in the air. Sure, more airport venues are stepping up with veggie burgers and individual fruit purchases, but once your plane goes wheels up you’re basically trapped in [...]

What are Values of a Two-Year University.

Superior education and learning in this particular country is rather quickly becoming a necessity during the business team rather then an extravagance. Inside the previous the individuals who had a secondary school education even now had the chance to fabricate a exceptional globe for by themselves and their people. People times are fairly quickly turning [...]

Packing a Frugal First Aid Kit


On a recent trip to the Caribbean, an accidental injury reminded me that skimping on first aid supplies is a packing strategy with potentially serious repercussions. Repercussions I was going to have to deal with before I could possibly continue with my travel itinerary. Fortunately, I was able to fashion the few items I had [...]

Craft Stores Offer Creative Solutions to Travel Needs


  On a recent trip to a well-known craft store, I noticed a selection of colorful wall chargers and mini USB cords available for $5. While they were obviously positioned for impulse purchasing, the display did make me stop and think. What other fun and frugal travel finds were available at craft stores? I bumped [...]

Try a Tiny Town for Your Next Travel Getaway

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  If your vacation preferences include getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but you’d prefer more to do than lounge by the pool, taking a trip to a tiny town may be just what the doctor ordered. Parking’s rarely a drag and crowds don’t usually develop unless there’s an annual festival [...]

Asheville Offers Art Scene, Microbrew Circuit


Adorning the mountains of North Carolina with a hip urban vibe, noteworthy art scene and a growing circuit of artisan microbreweries is the city of Asheville. Phenomenal food and well-preserved historical buildings are also part of the travel itinerary for this particular tourist destination. Here’s how to make the most of your vacation dollars while [...]

Great Spa Getaways for Guys

businessman lost in field using a map

Women aren’t the only travelers trying to find the best penny-pinching options for a little pampering. Men have been demanding their own service preferences for some time now, and the industry has stepped up and taken notice. If you’re interested in a more masculine getaway with your best buds, check out some of these spectacular [...]

Shopping Strategies for a Successful Vegan Getaway


Traveling while maintaining personal convictions regarding the consumption of animal products can make for tough times, particularly when you’re tackling unfamiliar destinations. While my personal success rate falls significantly short of 100 percent for longer trips, I’m becoming more adept at long weekends and getaways of up to a couple of weeks. Here are a [...]