September 22, 2019

How much is a quad of weed?

How much is a quad of weed?

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In most instances, Marijuana is commonly referred to as weed. In the selling of marijuana, the product is put in different measurements. Among the standard measures that are used for marijuana include an eighth of a kilogram (1/8) kg, a quarter of a kilogram (1/4) kg and a quad.  A quad of marijuana refers to 7grams of the product or a quarter of an ounce of the product. In the selling and the purchase of weed, there are different factors that affect the price at which marijuana is sold. This paper analyses the factors and seeks to determine the cost of a quad of weed.

There are several factors that affect the price at which weed is sold. Among the factors include whether the area in which the weed business is conducted weed is legal or not. In places where weed is legal, its price is much less compared to the places where it is still illegal. Another factor that affects the amount of weed is the quality. The high-quality weed that has gone proper processing will cost more than weed of lower quality. Another significant factor that will determine the price at which weed is sold is the availability of the product. There are areas known to produce weed. In most instances, weed is also legalized in these areas. As a result, the amount of weed is significantly high in these areas. Due to the high amount of weed, the price is much lower than in places where the product is not produced and need to be externally sought. In Colorado, for instance, their weed is legalized, the price of a quad of weed ranges between 30 United States dollars and 70 United States dollars.  in other cities where weed is not yet authorized, the price of the quad of weed ranges between 50 United States dollars and 100 United States dollars

Marijuana, being a product, whose use is accompanied by a varying range of contentions, do not have a set price. The price of a quad of weed ranges depending on different issues. Among the factors that affect the price of weed include whether it is legal or not if it is of high or low quality. The final major factor that affects the price of weed is the level of its availability in the set environment. A quad of weed is much cheaper where weed is readily available than where it has to be sought from somewhere else.