June 25, 2019

Making the Most of the Mediterranean

Taking a cruise on the world’s rivers and oceans has become the vacation choice for millions of people each year. The chance to visit multiple destinations within a single trip is one of the major pulls of this kind of holiday and the Mediterranean is fast becoming one of the most popular cruise regions of the world.  The Med is larger than you’d expect, and so picking out your most desired ports of call is essential when booking your cruise, as this will help to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Eastern Routes

Cruising the Med will usually cover either eastern or western routes: eastern itineraries will include a mix of historic sightseeing destinations and those much desired beach locations. This means you can visit the Adriatic coastline of Italy, Croatia and Montenegro as well as voyaging to those sun-soaked Greek Islands and the fabulous ancient city of Athens. You can also choose to journey to Turkey or stop off on the shores of Egypt, where excursions to the pyramids of Giza are offered.

Western Routes

The West Med is a popular choice mainly due to the wide range of European city destinations available. Cruise deals to this part of the world often include Italian cities such as Naples and Rome, and the chic cities along the French Riviera such as Cannes and Nice. Spain’s entire coastline can be included, which means you can enjoy cities such as Barcelona before following the sun to the Canary or Balearic Islands. It doesn’t have to be an either / or choice as many cruise line operators will offer longer trips with a mix of both Western and Eastern Mediterranean ports.

Why choose to cruise?

There’s always the option to fly to these locations but booking a cruise means you’re not limited to one destination. Waking up each day and looking out onto the shores of a new country or a new city is part of the fun when travelling the world on a floating hotel. There’s nothing better than standing on the deck of a ship and watching locations such as the famous Greek Islands like Santorini, Corfu and Rhodes appear on the horizon. Other bonuses are that you’ll only have to unpack your clothes once no matter how many countries you visit and if the weather is overcast in one you may soon be arriving at a sunny location in a couple of days.

Stress-free travel option

If you’re considering 2015 cruises around the Med you can be assured that this is one of the most relaxing ways to travel. Cruises are all-inclusive, leaving out the hassle of paying for meals, drinks or even nightly entertainment. Ships no offer a range of facilities including cinemas, fitness centres, spas, swimming pools, casinos and shopping malls. Passengers simply have to relax and have fun until the next port of call.

Take a look at the many Mediterranean cruise itineraries to view those destinations you’ve always wanted to visit. Book a combination of a western and eastern voyage if you want to experience the holiday of a lifetime.

Images by Thomson Holidays