August 18, 2019

Shopping Strategies for a Successful Vegan Getaway

Traveling while maintaining personal convictions regarding the consumption of animal products can make for tough times, particularly when youíre tackling unfamiliar destinations. While my personal success rate falls significantly short of 100 percent for longer trips, Iím becoming more adept at long weekends and getaways of up to a couple of weeks. Here are a handful of tips for navigating brand choices, family highway boredom and happy hour.

Snacks: provides a listing of sinful goodies suitable for packing in the car or your daypack. Candy selections include such things as Brachís orange slices and Jolly Rancher lollipops, while the listing of crunchy munchies contains such classics as Fritos and original-flavored Cracker Jacks. When all you have access to are gas station snack aisles for hours on end, knowing which brands are free of animal products can help you make empowered purchasing decisions while indulging your snack cravings. The site also lists Hubba Bubba gum, which can provide families with the opportunity to blow off steam at highway rest stops in the form of bubble blowing contests. If youíre traveling with competitive kids, extended road trips come with a rematch schedule built into the itinerary.

Supplies: Knowing where to restock your necessities affordably is a huge part of taking an extended vegan getaway. Independent health food stores can provide a starting point for things like Kiss My Face bar soap and deodorant, while larger franchised establishments such as Whole Foods allow one-stop stocking for both personal care products and tantalizing beach barbecue supplies. Vegan marshmallows and store brand, cruelty-free body lotion are both purchases Iíve made while taking a family road trip. Others include veggie dogs and a replacement tube of vegan lipstick.

Solutions: Having a few tried and true tricks up your sleeve will go a long way towards avoiding animal products on the road. For example, most diners offer toasted English muffins which can be prepared without margarine. Consider substituting peanut butter instead, and ordering a fruit cup on the side. It may not be the sexiest item on the menu, but when burgers and ham steaks are the only other options it will keep you from going hungry. Certain chain establishments come with vegan solutions built in. For example, Iíve recently noticed that Hampton Inn has started including a limited oatmeal toppings bar as part of their breakfast offering. Similarly, Starbucks has a skinny soy latte that can be ordered with a couple of extra shots when you need a quick boost in order to be productive between flights. Since they are in many North American airports, itís a solution well suited to frequent travelers.

Sipping: offers a fairly comprehensive listing of vegan-friendly wine, spirits and beer selections for those who prefer to keep their alcohol consumption cruelty free. Beverage products that arenít vegan are also included in the database, providing a searchable resource for shoppers and travelers who wish to make informed purchases from the road. A quick search will reveal a number of bargain beer brands, including Sam Adams, Yuengling and such Canadian classics as Moosehead and Labatt Blue. Affordable wine options with easily-recognizable names include certain Sutter Home selections, and a significant number of Cupcake wines.

The same information is available for hard liquor as well. This means not only can you easily shop for your camping cooler or vacation cottage, you can make informed choices at any happy hour you choose. Classic cocktails can be ordered with specific spirits that make the vegan cut, and scanning the menus for beer deals and wine pours will now be a much simpler process.

Photo Credit: iStock