August 18, 2019

How to Spend Less in London

Itís one of the priciest destinations on the planet, often keeping cost-conscious travelers at bay. These money-saving tips will put London back on your bucket list.


The British National Museum, Museum of Natural History and the Museum of London are free, world-class attractions worthy of lengthy exploration. Other London freebies include the National Portrait Gallery and complimentary lunch hour lectures at University College London every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:15.


International restaurants provide a superior bargain when dining out in London. Amy Scher, a London enthusiast, raves about her favorite Pakistani establishment: Tayyabs.† Scher was able to order a decadent meal of lamb with a high-end appetizer for less than $20. ďIíve purchased fast food meals on the street that cost more than that,Ē Scher said. She also recommends Borough Market, a strollable culinary smorgasbord in London that has been around since the 13th century. Journeywoman.comís Evelyn Hannon has a favorite London souvenir: tea. She purchases packets of 25 flavored bags at Harrods for less than $5 (USD).


Andrea Karim, a Wise Bread blogger, recommends planning your tourist route ahead of time. Londonís tube is more expensive than mass transit in other cities, so you donít want to zigzag across the city unnecessarily. She also recommends grabbing groceries to go at your nearest Tesco of opportunity. This grocery chain is a great option for purchasing picnic items without paying convenience store prices, according to Karim.

Clearly, thereís more to London than pricey shopping trips and luxury hotels. Take advantage of the freebies and affordable foodie options to keep your trip on budget.

Photo Credit: Metro Centric