September 22, 2019

Vacationing as a Couple Provides Packing Perks

While traveling as a twosome provides a myriad of savings opportunities along with a built-in support system for navigating logistical challenges, it also allows you each to save some serious luggage space. With overhead slots at a premium, and delayed flight connections making checked baggage arrival a frequent cause of concern, making the most of your carry-on resources is crucial. Here’s how couples can create a bit of extra room and reduce vacation drama.


With today’s travel scene being what it is, implementing this strategy alone can save you a significant amount of stress. Choosing unscented grooming products and unisex fragrances for things like cologne, lotion and shower gel means you only have half as many of those items to pack. CK One is a popular fragrance appropriate for both men and women, and herbal lotions work for both genders as well. Similarly, sandalwood is a fun scent for bath products you might want to bring along for your next romantic getaway.


While cross packing has been a popular couples’ travel solution for some time now, there are certainly ways to take things to the next level. One strategy that my husband and I frequently use when flying together is to utilize a set of double-sided packing cubes. They force us to stay minimal when it comes to how many essentials we carry for each other, and allow the same amount of room on either side for whichever items we end up choosing. The ones we purchased happen to be from Eagle Creek and come with a side handle, making them easy to grab out of backpacks, rolling suitcases, messenger bags and more. They’ve come in handy on several trips, including ones to Salt Lake City, Utah and Misahualli, Ecuador.


Grooming products and fragrances aren’t the only supplies you can reduce by half when traveling as a couple. Hygiene and first aid products can provide a space-saving opportunity as well. Antiperspirant, toothpaste, cough syrup and triple antibiotic can not only be shared, but also allow you to maximize the two one-quart bags of travel-sized liquid items you’ll be able to board with as a twosome. If one of you is maxed out with hair styling supplies, the other has room for additional must-haves.

Photo Credit: Angels Wings