August 23, 2019

Gentlemanís Guide to Grooming on the Go

It may be permissible to go the Grizzly Adams route on a fishing trip or adventure getaway in the Amazon jungle, but business trips and romantic weekends with your significant other require a certain standard of grooming. While it can be challenging to carry a full set of clippers in your carry-on bag, there are more manageable measures suitable for the man on the move. (See also: Womenís Tips for Looking Great While Traveling)

Space: Menís manicure sets pack flat, making them easy to tuck into small spaces. If youíre looking to maintain an affordable nail care routine on the road, youíll definitely want to put one of these on your packing list. Similarly, disposable razors with multiple blades provide a close shave while taking up less room than their electric counterparts. Regarding your favorite aftershave, many masculine scents are available in small, one-ounce spray bottles designed for airline travel and tucking into gym bags for daily use after work.

Solids: However, if youíre flexible with your fragrance, consider shopping for a solid option. Youíll have one less liquid item to pack, and a reduced risk of leakage. Additionally, LUSH makes a two-in-one shampoo and conditioning bar designed to fit in a small round travel tin. If youíre concerned about having great hair for less on the road, this might be the product youíve been searching for. Priced at less than $11, it can be worth the extra pennies to skip the stress of finding luggage room for multiple toiletries. Not only can it be used for hair and body needs in the shower, but the built-in conditioner makes it a decent substitute for canned shave gel. Deodorant is also available in small, travel-sized scents suitable for men. Purchased in discount department stores, they are often available for a buck or less.

Splurge: When situations arise you havenít packed for, try utilizing the services available in your hotel to meet minor manscaping needs. It might be more affordable than you expect. For example, the Mandara Spa at Paradise Islandís Atlantis resort in the Bahamas offers a beard, mustache and eyebrow trim for $25. Their citrus-infused menís manicure service rings in at the same price, and includes a hand and arm massage. At the Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, shoe shine services are available in the lobby several times throughout the day. At a cost of less than $20, itís an affordable solution to dusty footwear when a business dinner is looming. (See also: How to Nab Superior Spa Savings and How to Get the Best Value for Your Spa Getaway )

Photo Credit: Aveda Corp