June 21, 2018

Travel Experts Sound Off About Their Must-Pack Essentials

A quick survey of some of the top experts in the industry resulted in this informative recommendation list for new travelers. Their top picks?

Green Supplies:

Bring your own eco infrastructure to stay “green” on the road, says Beth Terry of My Plastic Free Life, a waste reduction blog. Her top picks include a reusable stainless steel water bottle, personal flatware and a compact fabric shopping bag.


Professional Hobo Nora Dunn packs travel insurance in case of medical emergencies or unscheduled stays in foreign hospitals. Journeywoman.com’s Evelyn Hannon carries a supply of passport-sized photos to use for unexpected cross-border adventures, museum passes or foreign city bus cards.

Planning tools:

Dr. Jessica Voigts of Wandering Educators, a website for international teachers, travels with a wheelchair. Her favorite advanced planning resources include Mobility International, which provides information on international travel opportunities for people with disabilities. She also uses barrierfreetravels.com, which offers travel information for individuals using walkers, canes and wheelchairs.


Wanderlust and Lipstick editor and travel expert Beth Whitman swears by her pen-sized water purifier, which operates with UV light to kill germs and bacteria in questionable water supplies. Anastasia Ashman, co-founder of the international living website expatharem.com, always travels with lavender oil, which she uses to freshen up, treat insect bites and sprinkle on her sheets and pillow cases to ward off insects.

Cheap Meals:

Parents can save money at meal time by checking out MyKidsEatFree.com, according to the editors of Woman’s World magazine. The web site features nearly 6,000 restaurant locations with free meals for children. Restaurant.com markets coupons for 13,000 restaurants nationwide.

Photo Credit: Incase