August 23, 2019

Traveling for a Job Interview? Try These Savvy Savings Tips

Heading out for a job interview can be a stressful proposition. Factor in the necessary money-saving concerns if you’ve been between gigs for an extended period of time and it can easily spiral out of control with regards to cost. Try these savvy savings tips on for size the next time you’re traveling for a job interview. (See also: 25 Resources for Building a Better Expense Report)


Avoid arriving frumpy by unbuttoning your suit jacket while you ride, and hanging it over the back of the seat if you are driving. Searching for plug-and-play travel bag solutions is always a hassle, but a great business tote for women or the right messenger style bag for men can allow you to skip the need for a separate expensive briefcase. (See also: Wardrobe Shopping Tips for Job Interviews)


Tired of feeling frumpy when you need to look your best. In order to stay spiffy on the road, pack travel-sized lint and shoe brushes, extra hosiery, and stain wipes to roll with minor wardrobe emergencies. Two-pocket portfolios with business card slots in the front are a stylish, efficient way to transport application portfolios of resumes, reference letters and work samples. (See also: Frugal Essentials for Business Travelers)


The further you have to travel, the better your employment odds should be. Especially in the age of telecommuting and web-based meetings. Use your travel monies wisely by attending large job fairs, such as the ones held around the world each year by Search Associates, an agency that pairs teachers with international job opportunities. Airbnb lists rooms and apartments available with locals, shaving significant scones of the regular price of a hotel room. I’ve seen accommodations listed in Barcelona’s city center for less than $60 per night.

While there’s no guarantee you’ll come home successful, your odds are better if you arrive prepared and have multiple irons in the fire. Taking extra care with your professional clothing is also a helpful way to control costs. (See also: Maintaining a Business Wardrobe on the Road)

Photo Credit: Ted Murphy