September 22, 2019

Extreme Pet Travel Requires Resources, Planning

Hammock in Paradise blogger Lisa Overman made a cross-country drive with a one hundred twenty pound dog and two elderly cats. Challenges included feline med passes, a vehicle breakdown and retail stops. Her solo strategy included the creative use of drive-up windows. When a carsick cat blew through the remaining paper towels and baby wipes, she pulled up to the prescription drive through of a national pharmacy chain. Supplies were purchased through the window to avoid leaving three animals in a heated car. (See also: How to Ship Pets Internationally)


Not every border is pet-friendly. Track down the rules before you hit the road.† England, for example, immediately welcomes properly documented dogs, cats or ferrets from a list of approved countries. Otherwise, thereís a six-month quarantine. Pets on the Go has additional information about international pet travel, including documentation and detailed questions to ask your airline.

Remember your petís medical records.† Depending on the destination, you may need proof that your pet is current on vaccinations. One affordable pet daycare center in Miami, for instance, requires medical records before accepting new customers. Regarding air travel, clearly labeling Maxís crate with his name will enable flight crew to call him by name during the journey, reducing the stress of being among strangers.

Services: will move any pet to and from any location in the world. The service coordinates pet hotels and potty breaks for long flight layovers and handles paperwork. Additionally, Pet Relocation will serve as your liaison with customs officials in your destination country, and arrange shuttle pickup for your animalís departure flight. You want to move a poisonous dart frog from Zurich to Houston? No problem.† Pet Relocation even managed a move from Seattle to Amsterdam for Francesco, a Siamese fighting fish with adoring owners.

Resources: has listings for parks throughout North America. Similarly, the web site known as lists pet-friendly hotels in cities around the world, including Amman, Jordan and Bolzano, Italy.

Photo Credit: Trek Hound