August 23, 2019

Unexpected Ways to Save on Vacation Transportation

Barbara Hooker, an American educator working in Bavaria loves the Bayern ticket for families. For 28 Euros, you can book a two-day train pass for up to five people good for passage throughout the whole of Bavaria.† Money-saving opportunities for vacation transport can come from the most unusual places. (See also: 5 Insider Sights to See in Munich)


Lisa Chavis and Cheryl MacDonald of What Boundaries Travel saved money on island-to-island transportation costs in Greece by . . . wait for it . . . taking a cruise!† The pair scored a last-minute special with Easy Cruise, a cruise company specializing in the Greek islands. This five-island adventure cost them roughly $40 per day, including all food and drink costs. Ramblingtart.comís Krista Bjorn gets extreme with her boat travel savings when she journeys to Italy from numerous surrounding countries. Rather than book a room, she takes the overnight ferry and sleeps on the floor. According to Bjorn, the overnight tickets come with shower access, allowing her to freshen up before disembarking. Full accommodations savings can be found with boat crewing opportunities. If youíve got mad sailing skills, check the forums of Cruiser Log and Find a Crew for more information.


Carpooling isnít just for commuters anymore. Dr. Jessica Voigts of Wandering Educators recommends carpooling internationally for serious ground transportation savings in Europe. lists European ride sharing opportunities in seventeen languages. Vehicle delivery is another, albeit unusual, way to save on one-way transportation. Larger vehicles that donít easily fit on transport trucks need to be delivered to customers somehow. If youíve got the skills to drive RVís, ambulances, delivery vans and more, this could be your ticket to savings. and Road Rat provide online information about procedures and delivery opportunities.

Photo Credit: Pictures of Travel Places