August 22, 2019

Family-Friendly Adventure Travel a Hit with Kids

Itís no secret that children love adventure. Including activities with wow factor on your next family getaway is a sure bet against boredom. Here are a handful of tips for doing just that.


Mike and Catrell Cooney of Cooney World Adventure took their three teenage boys on a world tour.† When the family missed the road to Brisbane in Australia, they traveled through a national park, which provided sightings of platypuses in the wild. The unscheduled detour added about 1,000 unplanned and unavoidable miles to their trip, but produced a trunk-load of valuable memories and travel photography opportunities.


Attention to detail can also yield financial savings. The Cooneys, for example, saved big bucks at major attractions around the globe because their three sons qualified for student discounts. Erika Henderson of The Active Explorer recommends layers for family caving trips, as temperatures can remain cool inside even when outside temperatures become balmy. Henderson also stresses footwear with good tread to avoid slips and spills.


Select locations that have built-in adventure. Angkor Watís jungle temple, featured in the film Tomb Raider, adds wow factor and takes a basic archaeological outing to the next level, especially for children and movie fans. The Los Suenos Marriott Ocean and Golf Resort on Costa Ricaís Pacific coast is strategically located near numerous adventure spots, giving teens and younger children a chance to hike in the rainforest, go white-water rafting or experience wildlife up close.


Break up sightseeing with adventure activities. For example, if you plan to spend the day at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, after seeing the Sphinx and pyramids, do yourself a favor: Buy camel rides for the kids, and finish the day with a faluka (small sail boat) ride on the river. The same idea applies when touring Petra. There are a number of camels, carriages and donkeys available for kiddy rides which can provide welcome relief from climbing cliffs and ruins.

Photo Credit: Pictures of Travel Places