September 23, 2019

8 Solid Reasons Why Travel Gifts Make Perfect Presents

Letís face it. Gift-giving obligations donít just occur during the holidays. Birthdays, graduations, spiritual holidays and anniversaries are just a few of the additional reasons we feel present pressure throughout the year. If youíre looking for a catch-all category of practicality from which to draw inspiration, travel gifts are a great place to start. Why? Well, for starters travel gifts have uses in many other areas of life, particularly with todayís more mobile, modern lifestyle. Here are eight solid ways gift recipients can put these particular presents to precision use.

Reduction in Future Outfitting Costs

As writer Julie Rains has previously expressed, outfitting yourself for adventure vacations can quickly spiral into a serious expense, particularly if you are embarking on an activity you donít already have the gear for. Tents, kayaks, touring bikes and more can add to the overall startup costs of a type of travel you may be hoping to make a regular part of your leisure activities. By choosing a set of bicycle panniers for a college student instead of another digital game, youíre supporting his or her future goal of touring Europe as well as celebrating a special occasion.

Commuting Support

Just ask any day-to-day road warrior. The proper messenger bag or car seat organizer can mean the difference between a miserable ride to work and a successful commuting experience. Whether or not you are carpooling, the need to dig out a pen or cell phone during a fuel stop, train ride or at a bus station is relatively routine. So is the probability youíll need to have an emergency power bar stashed, or be required to fire up the laptop to solve an on-the-fly communication issue. After several months of researching, I decided upon the Tenba messenger bag as my mobile office of choice. For me, having something that could handle a 17-inch laptop was critical. For you, having more paper file storage might be an issue. The point is, travel gifts arenít just for adventure getaways. Daily commutes include their own sorts of logistical travel requirements, and choosing presents that make those hurdles easier to jump will be truly appreciated by the recipient.

Streamlining the College Experience

Whether your childís college requires a day-long road trip to get home or a full-on plane ride, the truth is round-trip dorm travel is its own form of travel. So is the campus-to-campus transfer time if the studentís university requires coursework to be completed in various locations, or an off-site internship is in the works. Reading virtual text books and online research articles is just one of several great reasons to travel with a tablet device such as a Kindle Fire or similar tool during such commutes. It allows you to make full use of time that would otherwise go to waste.

Waste-Free Lunches

Because exploratory travel includes so many impromptu hotel meals and picnics in the park, using items from your daily zero-waste lunch kits can come in handy on the road. Particularly if you are the type of traveler who is fully committed to going green on the road. This is what makes dining gear items well suited for giving as travel gifts. Lightweight flatware, collapsible bowls and portable straws all help eliminate convenience food waste while saving money on vacation meals.

Dealing With Wear and Tear

Frequently-used items such as sarongs, pashminas, bandanas and your favorite black suit pants will eventually begin to show signs of wear, no matter how great the quality is. If you know the types of clothing items your favorite frequent flyer favors, consider replacing one of them the next time you need to purchase a gift. Head scarves, basic layering tees and simple cardigans also make great travel gifts for women. For men, consider wallets, cargo-style swim trunks or even neckties, which always take a beating on the road.


One way to travel light is to pick thinner, warm-weather sleeping bags as opposed to heavier, expedition- weight bags used for destinations were extreme cold will be a consideration. Unless climbing Everest or touring Antarctica is on your vacation agenda, smaller sleep sacks will save space and perform double duty for childrenís sleepovers and family road trips. Hanging toiletry bags are another example of travel gifts that will serve the recipient well on the road or when sleeping over.

Extra Emergency Bedding for New Apartment Dwellers

Adults can also benefit from having a sleeping bag in their adventure travel gear stash. Rather than finding room in the linen closet for an extra blanket, consider opening up your sleeping bag and tossing it on top of the bedspread for extra warmth. If you are the type of person that travels to multiple climates and you own a variety of sleeping bag thicknesses, then bonus. Youíve got yourself an entire selection of extra blankets, which will save you from having to buy extra. Donít get me wrong. Thereís nothing wrong with purchasing a decorative throw for public areas like the living room. But for guest rooms and last-minute couch guests, why not use what you have and be ready for adventure at the same time? (See also: Savings in Every Room)

Interview Trips

Job hunting can get expensive. Even when a potential employer is picking up the tab and flying you across the country, youíll still run into expenses at the airport, while shopping for interview clothing and at other times. Things like flight delays can result in the need for an unexpected restaurant tab, or even an overnight hotel stay. And if killing time before a flight is going to be productive, then you need to be prepared to work on projects such as job proposals, resume updates and email applications. Travel gifts for this type of situation can include slim pens, internet air cards or even a laptop if your budget permits.

Smooth Wardrobe Transitions

Spending time on the road can require numerous high-speed wardrobe changes, especially for multi-day business trips where youíll need to move from the boardroom to a Broadway show with less than an hour to spare. Trying to stay spiffy while traveling requires more than the ability get groomed in a hurry. It requires a fair amount of infrastructure and planning. While getting ready for a meeting or a night out at home might typically involve a large hair dryer and some hot rollers followed by a trip to the cleaners where youíll pick up a freshly-pressed cocktail dress, making the transition while traveling requires knowing how to create an up do with a teasing comb and some bobby pins, in addition to packing items that can remain rolled in a ball for days at a time without a single wrinkle. Travel gifts which support this area of need include wrinkle-free travel clothing, compact grooming items that help save space and even shoe-shining supplies like self-contained buffing sponges.

Itís important to point out that purchasing travel gifts doesnít necessarily have to result in a high price tag you canít afford. While dishing out for a laptop for your childís education might be something you consider for graduation, there are plenty of other travel gifts which cost less and still provide a great deal of road warrior support. Bandanas, business card holders and even padded computer cases are all affordable choices. Do you have travel gear you like to use in your day-to-day adventures? What are your favorite ways to make the most of your vacation gear?

Photo Credit: Asenat 29