September 17, 2019

Location-Independent Career Options

Many beginning excursionists think that in order to embrace their travel dreams full time, they will be required to have all of their money up front. The truth is, with a location-independent career, you can live on the road for as long as you want. Here are a handful of career choices that provide flexibility along with a reasonable living wage. (See also: How to Make Long-Term Travel Affordable)

Professional Speaking: Whether you already work for a particular company, or prefer to book your own gigs to work around your travel schedule, speaking professionally is a great way to see the world. Of course, it doesnít hurt that youíll be bringing in a paycheck while youíre doing it. Gear choice is critical if youíre hoping to travel light for this career. While you wonít need much, a travel-sized microphone and speaker are nice to have on hand for small author presentations and small-group workshops. For example, the HMDX Jam is a Bluetooth wireless speaker thatís roughly the size of a tennis ball and throws enough sound to work in a moderately-sized conference room. With a $40 price tag, itís certainly affordable enough for those hoping to start their road-based business on a shoestring. A few courses Iíve seen offered from the road during my budget travels include travel photography, professional blogging and language introduction classes.

Course Administration: You donít have to be a university professor in order to make a living teaching courses from the road. People offer webinars and custom courses based on their area of expertise all the time. So, if youíve got mad skills in web design for example, you can design your own course and market it to those who are interesting in learning what you know. Of course, if you do have a higher-level academic degree, there are plenty of organizations in need of instructional services, should you choose to apply for their available positions. Iíve seen openings listed for this type of work on a variety of telecommuting web sites, including both Flex Jobs and Virtual Vocations.

Freelance Writing: While magazine articles and book deals might be the first sugar plums to dance in most travelersí heads, the truth is there are paid writing opportunities for practically any type of content you can think of. Curriculum, business marketing, test question writing and even science journalism are just a few of the types of writing my husband and I have scored gigs for, moving us one step closer to being able to function from the road again full time. Other available topic areas include technical manuals, medical news, corporate newsletters and press release writing. Query trade journals, human resource departments and even business-related book publishers for opportunities relating to your area of expertise.

Photo Credit: Office Now