November 26, 2015

Cruises: More Fun than You Might Think

When most people think of cruises, they imagine shuffling between the bar and the buffet, sleeping in a deck chair, and traveling without engaging in any local culture. While this may be paradise for some, adventurous travelers may turn their noses up at the idea of this type of experience. However, there are many misconceptions about cruising, and people discount how much control the traveler has over their experience.  In addition, cruise deals make it an affordable way to see multiple destinations by rolling transport, food and accommodation into one package.  The truth is, a cruise may be the ticket to your next memorable adventure. All aboard!

Exciting destinations

Boats offer a unique vantage point, and some of the world’s most incredible destinations are best explored from a ship: archipelagos, remote coastlines, and rivers are all prime cruise destinations. They also open up harsh, inaccessible locations such as the Arctic and Norwegian fjords. See the northern lights from a position of warmth and comfort, rather than trekking into the frozen, unforgiving wilderness.  Full-time adventure travelers may be up for the challenge, but if you have to be back at work in a week, a cruise is the best way to take it all in.

Getting there is half the fun

Travel’s romantic golden era focused on slower methods of travel such as train rides across continents, long boat trips around the world, and more. Getting there is half the fun, so if you’d like to go to Singapore, why not take a cruise from Sydney along the Australian coast, through the tropical islands of Indonesia, and ending in Singapore? You’ll experience perfect sandy beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, the unique culture and volcanic landscape of Bali, and the buzz of two major world cities all in one trip. Why would you catch a flight and miss all that?

Do your own thing

Just because the people on your cruise ship seem to do nothing but eat and lay around, it doesn’t mean your experience has to be the same. Book your own land excursions. Get away from the touristy tours and go kayaking or mountain biking, explore on your own, or book with a reputable tour company that offers activities more to your taste.

If you have plenty of holiday time, cruise tours are longer itineraries that offer extended time on land, for those more interested in cultural travel than topping up their tan.

Forced relaxation

Last but not least, would it kill you to turn off your Blackberry and enjoy a drink in the sun? If you’re a workaholic, or if your exciting holidays leave you exhausted, there is a lot to be said for being forced to relax.

Photo Credit: David Berkowitz