May 26, 2018

How to Nab Superior Spa Savings

We all enjoy a little pampering, but dropping the equivalent of a second mortgage every time we want a spa getaway can get a bit pricey. Hereís how to save some serious dough when the urge to indulge is a bit more than you can resist.


Countries known for their vacation affordability often have fantastic spa prices. Weíve enjoyed three-hour, multi-treatment sessions for $15 in Bali, and a one-hour Swedish massage for just $12 (USD) in Bangkok, Thailand. FIRST for Women magazine advises targeting spas in areas that rely heavily on tourist traffic, and dickering boldly for deals if you happen to know business has been recently glum. FIRST also suggests signing up for the mailing lists of those spas to stay up to date on any discounts or specials they may be offering when it comes time for your trip.


Staying at a mountain spa in Papallacta, Ecuador on Thursday instead of the weekend saved us 50 percent on hot stone massages, with free access to hot springs for the rest of the day. During Costa Ricaís rainy season we enjoyed deals at more than one spa resort, including the world-famous Tabacon. While off-peak travel is a great way to save travel dollars in general, itís particularly effective with spa vacations. Iíve seen great package deals offered in St. Kitts, Mexico, Napa Valley and even upstate New York. Several Florida resorts have spas that are also worthy of your tourist time, and easily incorporated with travel itineraries the whole family can enjoy.

Deals: At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, booking any treatment (even a $20 dollar facial) grants you full-day access to the rest of the spa, including the refreshment bar with healthy snacks and lemon water, pool-sized Jacuzzi, lounge chairs with bowls of chilled cucumber slices and cold lemon-water face cloths, steam room and more.† Lockers, robes and spa towels are complimentary.† Visiting Miami for your spa vacation? The city hosts an annual spa month where decadent deals abound. Tim Smith of, a lifestyle web site, recommends Spavelous for its built-in deal finder.† Massage therapy schools often offer discounted services as a training opportunity for students, allowing you to save big.

Photo Credit: iStock