April 24, 2018

Photo Feature: Traveling with a Dog

We’ve been traveling with canine friends for nearly a decade — short trips and several trips that crossed numerous state lines. One learns things along the way. The biggest thing, for any length trip, is what we call the doggie diaper bag — a bag that carries stuff to cover just about every eventuality, including food and/or snacks, leash, harness, poop pick-up bags, and so on. Which brings us to the next key point, if highway travel is involved, consider public rest stops as ideal doggie pauses, too.  The more natural environment makes the trip a little more fun for them AND you! Finally, if overnight or extended accommodations will be involved, do your homework first! Pet friendly hotels and motels are not around every corner, and they are not alike. Some charge extra, offer doggie daycare, and have outdoor play areas. It’s worth the legwork, if you’re considering Fido as part of your family vacation.

Photo credit Driving the Northeast