August 18, 2019

How to Make Money While Traveling

To enjoy as much time as possible traveling in the Middle East, I opted for an international teaching position in Kuwait. With paid utilities, complimentary housing, tax-free compensation and annual roundtrip airfare, it was a job that allowed for regional travel opportunities and additional freelance tutoring gigs for extra cash. Itís possible to make money while traveling both internationally and in domestic situations. Here are several options for you to consider.

On the Fly:

Pick up paying gigs as you go. The International Educator features classified ads from schools around the world offering tax-free salaries, relocation allowances, plane tickets and paid housing for certified classroom teachers. Native language speakers can teach business and conversational English with job leads from ESL Cafť and Serious Teachers. Not a teacher? Not a problem. A web site called lists jobs around the world for nearly any type of work, including management, driving and delivery, resort staff, tour guides and more.

Speaking Gigs:

If you have an area of expertise and reasonable public speaking and presentation skills, then you have a way to make money while traveling. Whether you go through an agency or book events on your own, the per appearance rate is typically enough to make it worth your while, and some people manage to earn a full time living with only 2-4 paid opportunities per month.

Inventory Acquisition:

Whether youíre shopping for antiques or purchasing affordable artisan crafts to resell when you fly back home, acquiring low-cost inventory that shoppers in your home area would otherwise not be able to have access to is a decent way to pick up extra cash and finance future travel. Certain monetary restrictions apply when bringing goods back into the country of course, but if you have a well-located barn for antiques storage or a high-traffic flea market in the neighborhood for selling funky overseas bling, you just might have a part-time income on your hands. You can also sell through online auction sites like eBay, if maintaining regular booth or store hours doesnít suit you.

Stock Photography:

You donít have to come home with very many digital trip pictures before you become truly curious about making money with stock photography. This isnít a cake walk by any stretch of the imagination and the fact that itís such a numbers game means you wonít start making fat stacks of cash overnight. That being said, many people around the world are earning anywhere from lunch money to a full-time living depending on their skill level and the depth of their portfolio.


There a few different ways you can go with this. The traditional route is to pick up article assignments from various editors. Itís a bit unpredictable, but once you find a few regular clients youíll be on your way. You can also start your own travel blog, or other topical web site. Monies here can come from a variety of sources, including affiliate marketing and ad networks such as Google and Chitika.


Places like Flex Jobs and Virtual Vocations list daily openings for positions suitable for the telecommuting crowd. Some of them are writing gigs itís true, but others are customer service jobs, tech support employment and even case management. Find something that suits your skill level to make money while traveling and still have time for a bit of sightseeing each week.

Product Development:

One of the easiest and cost effective ways to make money while traveling is to use your writing skills as suggested above to develop ebooks, white papers and even article collections on sites such as Hub Pages and Squidoo in order to create a passive income stream that you can enjoy without having to check in every day. That being said, there are other digital products you can create from the road such as video clips, mobile phone wallpapers and more. lets you open a store front for as little as $5 per month, and puts your product in front of affiliate marketers around the world who will be more than happy to help promote your product for a share in the profits.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to your destination of choice, or spend a few years touring a particular continent. Now that you know itís possible to make money while traveling, you donít have to feel tied down by traditional employment any longer. Happy trails!

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