September 22, 2019

Have a Fabulously-Frugal Vacation with These Hotel Freebies

When trying to get the best bang for your vacation buck, it may pay to bear in mind that the biggest value may not come with the lowest bargain-basement price. If the lowest room rate available will still require you to dish out an additional $350 per day to cover meals, cocktails, activity fees and site-to-site transport, then a mid-range or even a luxury establishment Ė depending upon seasonal rates – could turn out to be your best financial bet. Here are just a handful of the hotel freebies which caught my attention.

Perks: Vacationers visiting Whistler, British Columbia enjoy a variety of resort upgrades and perks when booking getaway packages through the destination Web site, Depending on the length of stay and package reserved, travelers may be treated to such luxuries as a snowmobile ride to a romantic candlelight fondue dinner at 6,000 feet, early lift rides to a high-altitude buffet breakfast in order to beat other skiers to the slopes or the age-old Napoleonic tradition of champagne sabering. Guests of Londonís luxurious Lanesborough on the other hand, have access to in-room laptops, private phone and fax lines to make conducting business on vacation a breeze, and cell phones to use during their visit. Personalized stationery and business cards are also printed upon arrival.

Activities: Many hotels offer standard complimentary experiences that would typically cost between $75 and $100 elsewhere, adding significantly to the value of your room rate. For example, the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona offers free guided stargazing sessions with a professional astronomer on a weekly basis. Constellation charts and complimentary-to-use telescopes are part of the turn-down amenities available for all suites, and no-fee guided fitness hikes to nearby Pinnacle Peak depart directly from the spa. Similarly, the One and Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas offers free bicycles to use on their on-estate trails, complimentary morning beach yoga sessions on a cliff-top exercise platform and no-cost daily access passes to the popular Atlantis water theme park.

Liquor: If you like to indulge but are concerned about the bar tab, consider booking accommodations at an establishment that includes a bit of cheer with their room rates. For example, Embassy Suites hosts nightly managerís receptions which allow guests to experience happy hour for free. In addition to snacks such as hummus with pita chips and cheese trays, the receptions provide complimentary beer, wine and well drinks as well as the occasional featured beverage or specialty cocktail. Similarly, suites at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya in Mexicoís Playa del Carmen come stocked with limes, salt and a bottle of Don Julio.

Photo Credit: Pictures of Travel Places


  1. Cindy says:

    I love the idea of the nightly managers reception. A lot of places use to do that but have done away with it, glad to see that Embassy Suites still does it. The one thing that really makes me mad are hotels that don’t supply a coffee pot and coffee then expect you to dish out 5.00 in the hotel lobby at Starbucks for a cup of coffee. That additional activities included with some resorts are certainly perks to be looked at. Great article.