July 18, 2019

Making the Most of Your Destinationís Convention and Visitorís Bureau

My husband and I made the changing of the guard one of our top things to do in Quito, Ecuador. Afterward, when trying to decide what to do next, we found our guide book lacking in ideas. A stop at the South American cityís convention and visitorís bureau solved the problem. They provided more detailed maps, photo op tips and a handy lunch recommendation. We also got tips regarding where to return next week for better ceremonial photos, and shopping suggestions for the indigenous craft market in Otavalo.

Whether your road trip takes you through Slovenia, Daytona Beach or Interstate 10 in the southern United States, checking with the local convention and visitorís bureau is a short cut to fun and savings.

Free Stuff:

While sundries charge for informational resources, the convention and visitorís bureau for your destination hands out no-cost maps and informational brochures that can often surpass what you might find in guide books. While you certainly want to have a good guide book in your travel arsenal, these extra maps and cultural performance resources are also worth their weight in gold, particularly for those interested in adding to their travel photography repertoire. Bonus? The convention and visitorís bureau is also the best place to check for free admission days at venues throughout your vacation area.

Inside Tips:

The people that work at the convention and visitorís bureau are locals. Locals whose job it is to know about all of the best places to visit and what current festivals and bargains are available for your participation. Looking for the best rooftop restaurant view? Theyíre the folks to talk to. Need a pet friendly place to rest your head? Ditto. This inside knowledge is particularly helpful when visiting overwhelming cities such as Venice, New York or even taking a trip to see the London Olympics.


By contacting the convention and visitorís bureau before you arrive, youíll be better prepared to plan your itinerary. Some destinations, Boston and Park City, Utah for example, offer coupon books and discount passes specifically for area visitors. Remember, itís their job to promote tourism to the area so if you have a need or a question, itís their job and pleasure to help you out. Job security, so to speak.


For annual food festivals and cultural events taking place at your selected vacation location, the convention and visitorís bureau folks are definitely in the know. They typically have the most detailed schedule of events and can point you in the proper direction for conveniently-located hotels, transportation, parking and that extra special restaurant. So if youíre visiting Munich for Oktoberfest or Jerusalem during Holy Week for example, these are the people you want to stop by and see.

Have you used a convention and visitorís bureau creatively to assist with your travel adventures? What are you top tips for saving money and gaining inside knowledge of an area?