August 22, 2019

Consider Off-Peak Travel for the Best Vacation Deals

Seasoned vacation veterans know that the sweetest getaway deals can be obtained by planning for off-peak travel experiences. For example, my husband and I traveled from Lake Garda to Sloveniaís Lake Bled one year during what would have been Labor Day weekend back in the States.

We chose this particular weekend because it allowed us to skip the traditional August rush that occurs with most European travel destinations. Early September offers crowd-free exploration, a bigger ability to bargain and significantly lower prices on lodging. At one of the art galleries on Lake Bled for instance, the couple who owned the venue treated us to complimentary beverages, first-class attention and one of the best restaurant recommendations weíve ever received.

Bottom line? By booking your excursions when otherís typically donít, youíre able to experience the worldís top sights and destination for a fraction of the cost. Here are some of Trek Houndís top tips for making the most of off-peak travel.

Celebrate Seasonal Price Shifts:

The time period just before and immediately after high travel season Ė known as shoulder season Ė is one of the best times to have a directly-comparable experience for a reduced cost. The weather will be quite similar to what high-season travelers experience, but local venues, attractions and even tour guides will likely be more motivated to bargain their way into your tourist itinerary. The off season is an even cheaper time to plan your getaway. Rates can drop as much as 80 percent, providing a number of penny-pinching exotic getaway options.

Do Your Research:

Use your favorite travel web sites to research exceptional off-peak travel deals. Expedia, and others feature a constant feed of travel deals that can serve as inspiration for open-minded and flexible travelers. If mountain travel is high on your list, and you donít mind skipping the ski vacations this year, you can score great deals on lodges that offer great hiking, biking and writing retreat options during the off season.

Learn to Love the Local Options:

Many states offer deals for residents that get even sweeter during the off-peak travel season. Theme parks, waterfront resorts and boutique hotels are all worth your time to check out. Florida, Maine and other locations with strong seasonal variations are likely where youíll see the best bargains.

Weather Flexibility:

The more diverse the attraction selection at your destination, the more flexibility you have with regards to seasonal weather shifts. For example, if getting to Lebanon during the peak summer months isnít an option, consider traveling there in the fall. Youíll still be able to take in the ruins at Baalbeck, the Jeita grotto and the Ksara wine caves among other notable attractions.

If you donít find the winter weather in London or Berlin suitable for street strolling consider turning your vacation into an art tour. The British Museum and the Pergamon (Berlin) are both world-class options that will enable you to spend at least one full day out of the wind. Is heat more the issue? The Israel and Egyptian national museums of both Jerusalem and Cairo respectively provide phenomenal cultural displays and allow you to cool off from the heat of the city streets.

Clearly, you donít have to compromise completely when you opt for off-peak travel. If youíre willing to tweak your vacation itinerary, the world can be your adventure oyster.