July 21, 2019

Affordable Strategies for Family Relocation

Relocating for family or employment is something we all do at some point. While it is tax deductible under certain circumstances, it is also a huge financial burden if tackled without forethought. Having moved across the world and continent more times than I can remember, I have picked up a few tips to help avoid the overspending that can occur with a typical family move.

Towing: If youíve got a sturdy vehicle with a towing hitch, consider renting a cart or cargo trailer as opposed to the traditional moving van. Youíll still have space for Grandmaís punchbowl while getting to skip the mileage charges. Since these can be quite significant for a long-distance move, this strategy is a huge opportunity for saving money.

Containers: Purchasing giant boxes from moving stores can put a penny pincher into cardiac arrest. Chain hardware stores have large boxes for less, and office supply stores offer affordable, easily-assembled file boxes in bulk. For childrenís sports gear and toys, Ziploc and Hefty each sell giant reusable plastic bags. These provide see-through storage for a song, and come with handles for easy carrying between house and transport vehicle.

Downsizing: Having fewer items to relocate means less stress and reduced shipping costs. If a heavy furniture item is going to add too many dollars to your bottom moving line, it may be more financially beneficial to sell or donate it before your move. Iíve never lived in a location that didnít have a furniture store, and basic items are easily replaced with second-hand shopping and clearance sales.

Amenities: If youíre moving with kids in tow, cheaping it out on hotel amenities may not be the best idea. If your room comes with a microwave, refrigerator and coffee pot, as well as a swimming pool and exercise facility, youíve got built-in entertainment and meal savings, my friend. Skip the drama of trying to make the children sit still at a restaurant after a full day in the car, and grab some grocery store goodies that one parent can prepare while the other gets them good and tired in the splash zone provided by the hotel pool.

Photo Credit: Blmurch