August 20, 2019

Travel Beauty: Trek Hound Tips for Looking Your Best on the Road

Looking good on the road is no small feat. Traffic jams, flight delays and extreme weather patterns can all wreak havoc on a road warrior’s appearance. Lost hair bling, broken nails and spilled sauces bring additional appearance stress, and take you from dreamy to dumpy in a hurry. So how do you look your best and glam it up on the road while still packing light? Here are my favorite ways to stay spiffy.

Create a portable grooming kit.

Gym-sized hanging toiletry bags or zippered pouches purchased at dollar stores and international markets are the perfect solution for storing your cosmetics, hair accessories and personal grooming products. Bobby pins are a great secret weapon for having great hair on the road. You can match them to your hair color to craft elegant French twists and other hair styles. Invest in smaller, compact sizes of things like emery boards, nail clippers and cuticle sticks to remain prepared for proper nail care while traveling. One place to stock up on such things is the beauty supply store, but pharmacy chains also have a fair number of miniature travel supplies.

Manage your makeover costs.

In addition to free makeovers available from such merchant chains as Merle Norman and Origins, you can also check with local beauty schools at your destination to book discounted services such as hair cuts, colors, perms, facials, pedicures and more. This particular grooming hack works well for both men and women, and is a great solution for keeping Mommy and Me getaways affordable.

Stay posh with performance clothing and a few travel secrets.

Many travel clothing companies have stepped up with wrinkle-resistant, stain-avoiding, quick-dry items suitable for business attire as well as adventure travel. Wrap dresses, dress blouses and career slacks make my list of faves, as do camisoles, leggings, peasant tops and sarongs for quick weekend getaways. Instead of dishing out for stain wipes (which are great for tucking in a biz jacket), consider packing a few baby wipes into your suitcase. They’ll remove a wide range of things from your clothing should you suffer a spill, and are available in flat travel packs you can easily tuck into your messenger bag. If all else fails, there’s always the classic club soda solution. Ask your waitress for some after a spill, along with an extra napkin. I’m also a huge fan of carrying a small lint brush to remove bits and bobs you pick up from lobby furniture.

Shoes need love too.

In addition to giving them a bit of a shine before your trip, you can also grab a quick shine at various street stalls in the Middle East, airport venues and with smaller sponge brushes that pack into your luggage.

Save space with accessories.

You can save room in your luggage by packing accessories to create different outfits. Wraps, belts, bling and scarves can all be included while requiring less room than an additional outfit. A great hat is also a helpful addition, as it can keep you shielded from harsh rays and cover up a bad hair day when time won’t allow you to spend extra time on your do.

Keeping coiffed doesn’t have to require an entirely separate suitcase, as these tips demonstrate. What are your favorite travel beauty tips?

Photo Credit: iStock