August 22, 2019

Savvy Tips for Scoring Cheaper Airline Tickets

Airline tickets comprise a large portion of the cost for any vacation getaway or business trip. If you want to be able to pay the cost in full when that credit card bill rolls around, you’ll need some strategies for getting the best price possible. Use these savvy shopping tips to score airline tickets at a price point you can afford.

Volunteer to Get Bumped:

When overbooking occurs which is often in the industry, airlines are often searching for travelers who will volunteer to be bumped to a later flight. Typically, the compensation for this is a subsidized free airline ticket for a date in the future. While it may not always be convenient, if you have the time anyway it might be worth your while. Spend the extra hours during your layover enjoying the Priority Pass lounge in comfort with free drinks, WiFi and soft lounge chairs. You’ll be able to catch up on work and have a comfortable seat while you do so.

Online Discounters:

There are a number of online portals available for purchasing airline tickets on the cheap. One such service is El Cheapo Air. By comparing prices in advance, you should be able to budget accordingly for your getaway.

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Military Flights:

Active duty and retired military members – as well as their families – are allowed complimentary access to MAC (military air craft) flights, which take place between military airports around the world. Seat availability is subject to change, luxury is nonexistent and mission objectives will always take priority over your vacation plans. That being said, if you have a flexible schedule and plenty of patience, it’s possible to travel for free to destinations such as Hawaii, Thailand, Japan, Italy and more. Check the military flight web site for further information.

Flexibility Is Frugal:

For business and vacation travelers looking to save money, a flexible attitude is the first step towards finding frugal air fares. Mid-week and pre-dawn flight times are routinely less expensive than other peak travel times. If you’re flying out of an urban area serviced by multiple airports, you can expect the rates for airline tickets to vary sharply between venues. Compare departure locations to get the best deal possible. Also, if you are able to be flexible regarding the items you’ll be bringing with you, baggage fees will be greatly reduced. This savings can be rechanneled to other travel expenses such as spa services, theme park tickets and more.

Discount Airways:

Spirit Airlines allows travelers to join their discount club for an annual fee, which grants them access to jaw-dropping ticket prices that frequently drop below the $10 price range. Other discount airlines include Middle East Air, Southwest and the Irish airline Ryan Air. It pays to do your research and be patient with price points. Chances are, you’ll eventually get a price you can live with, provided you have the time to wait for it.

Traveling doesn’t have to cost a mint. With a bit of time on your hands, it’s possible to score drastically-reduced prices on airline tickets to coveted vacation destinations and business hubs.

Photo Credit: Cliff1066