July 18, 2019

Entertainment for the Road: Tips for Business Travelers and Digital Nomads

The blocks of downtime that come with business trips, long stretches of independent travel without access to movies and living abroad away from your favorite magazine stand can leave even the most enthusiastic traveler bored beyond belief. When Iím feeling the need for fresh entertainment, these are some of my favorite strategies.

Tablet Devices:

Tablet devices such as the Kindle Fire provide an affordable intermediary device that fires up quickly, providing access to digital books, magazines, streaming video and a variety of other web platforms such as Twitter.

Free Newspapers:

Catch up on local and international news at no charge by taking advantage of the free newspapers offered in Priority Pass lounges, hotels and airplanes. Publications Iíve seen provided frequently include the International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the New York Times.

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Street Performers:

Hay Market Square in Boston, St. Markís Square in Venice, Italy, and La Ronda Street in Quito, Ecuador all have street performances on a regular basis, making them a great free source of cultural exposure when on the road. Purchasing a coffee or bar beverage is relatively affordable, and provides a chance to sit on the sidelines and take in whatever street show is being performed at the time.


When you have to financially choose a single device that will serve you for work, communication and entertainment on the road, itís pretty tough to beat a good laptop computer. You can listen to tunes and watch movies during†flight delays, catch up on correspondence, and join in Twitter conversations that interest you. Since outlet access is usually limited near the gate, if you find yourself having to wait there for any period of time, be sure you pick up the proper†travel supplies at the hardware store. In this case, an electrical adapter that allows you access to multiple plugins from a single outlet.

Discount Magazines

Magazine Access:

You can certainly purchase digital versions, but if the thrill of flipping through glossy pages is your favorite part of the experience and you find yourself living abroad without access to print magazines in your own language, Subscription Agent offers international shipping on a wide variety of popular titles and subscription prices up to 90 percent off the regular news stand prices.

Discount Coupons:

Many destinations have discount passes and local coupons that travelers can use as money-saving tools while traveling. Groupon is probably the most common, and offers up to 90 percent off regularly-priced restaurant items, entertainment venues and hotel accommodations.

Performing Arts Centers:

Many large cities have performing art centers that offer affordable live performances across a number of art mediums. Dance, theater, music and more can be enjoyed by urban residents and vacationers alike. One such venue is the the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami. Located near the Marriott on Biscayne Bay, home to the chic restaurant Catch, itís possible to enjoy an affordable wine pour and tasty flatbread appetizer before strolling over to catch a show. Bonus? If youíve pulled up in your boat, Catch restaurant will validate your boat parking with a receipt from their establishment.

Being stuck on the road for business travel doesnít have to be boring. Use these strategies to stay entertained, informed and in touch.

Photo Credit: Arab Crunch