June 21, 2018

Glamping on the Cheap

If the idea of a luxury camping experience Ė glamping Ė appeals to you, but the higher end price tag isnít something you can necessarily afford right now, considering cobbling together a more budget friendly experience with these money-saving strategies.


As long as you have access to a single burner stove and a water supply, itís possible to enjoy a few posh menus while roughing it. French press coffee, angel hair pasta with pesto and chefís salad are all items Iíve enjoyed during back-to-nature getaways. Other items worth tossing into the mix include salt and pepper grinders, a corkscrew, candlelight and an impromptu tablecloth such as a sarong.


Difficult-to-reach locations come with additional transportation costs, whereas choosing to glamp outside of D.C. brings a bargain alternative to otherwise highly-priced accommodation options. Urban camping in general is a great way to break into the glamping experience, as it allows access to entertainment venues not typically found in the woods. Also, countries known for their affordability can also be a source of luxury camping experiences for less. For example in Monte Verde, Costa Rica a number of lodges provide fireside dining with views of the cloud forest.


Book camping reservations at campgrounds that come with perks. KOA resorts for example, typically come with access to power and water, Wi Fi, and even swimming pools and hot tubs along with hot showers, laundry facilities and clubhouses for the kids. They have convenience stores on site and the numbered campsites make ordering pizza delivery a snap.


We use a two-room Eddie Bauer tent with an electronic power point in order to work from the road while camping, and have a separate changing area for privacy. Other helpful items are popup canopies with screened walls to serve as insect-free kitchens at campgrounds. If you have room in your vehicle, consider bringing along foam mats to soften your sleeping experience.

Itís clearly possible to camp with a bit of comfort. By packing the right gear and choosing the right venue, your back-to-nature vacation getaway can be romantic as well as rustic.

Photo Credit: Phil and Pam


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