July 19, 2019

History, Family Fun and Old Florida Charm Abundant at Heritage Village in Largo, FL

If youíre looking for a low-stress walking tour and a Pinellas County period experience, then Heritage Village in Largo is your go-to venue in the greater Tampa Bay area.

A living history museum situated on a wooded urban area of more than 20 acres, Heritage Village in Largo, FL houses roughly 30 of the Pinellas Countyís most important historical structures. Each was disassembled from its original location, transported and reconstructed on site for preservation purposes by the historical society.

The venue hosts hands-on demonstrations and a variety of seasonal events including a holiday light stroll. Pets on leashes are welcome, making this an outing that is truly appropriate for the entire family. To get the most out of your trip, consider going on a Saturday during the fall months, when the local market is in full swing. Field trips are also a frequent occurrence at Heritage Village, as itís tough to top the sense of history present here.

Touring Heritage Village is free, although donations to the historical society are encouraged. To take a self-guided walking tour, use a printable Heritage Village map to guide you. Parking is also free between this venue and the botanical gardens, which makes a nice combined daytrip.

Resting benches, trash receptacles, restrooms and tree-shaded picnic tables are available throughout the village, all tucked into the tree groves and along with nature paths. So bringing a water bottle and picnic supplies is a great way to incorporate some frugal family fun into your educational history experience.

Editorís Tip: The Heritage Village in Largo, FL is quietest first thing in the morning during the week. So if you are looking for phenomenal photo ops, this is a great time to score them without throngs of tourists streaming in front of your camera. Itís also a helpful time to visit if you have a special needs child who doesnít deal well with crowds, or in our case a high-strung Labrador who has serious limits on how much stimulation she can handle.

Photo Credits: These images were photographed by the Trek Hound team and are available along with other pictures of Heritage Village through a creative commons agreement with our sister site, Pictures of Travel Places.